CRMIT Solutions is a leader in transforming businesses with cloud based Customer Experience (CX) solutions on sales, service, marketing & social cloud. Recognized amongst CIOReveiw’s "20 Most Promising Cloud Computing Companies”

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CRMIT Solutions opens new Customer Experience Center in Atlanta

CRMIT's New Customer Experince Center in Atlanta Rapid growth on our flagship Customer Experience expertise takes CRMIT to Atlanta with a new Customer Experience Center. This new location will allow CRMIT to better serve existing and future customers in Central and East Coast.

CRMIT solution is currently headquartered in Bay Area, California and has seen significant growth in cloud computing practices as it continues to expand. We  supports our global customers spread over 25 countries, through our subsidiaries in Australia, USA, Europe, Malaysia, India and Middle East. With the rapid growth on our flagship Customer Experience expertise, CRMIT has also opened a new Customer Experience Center in Atlanta.  This new location will allow CRMIT to remain agile and add resources in key geographies to extend focused and immediate support to existing and future customers across Central and East Coast.

The new Customer Experience Center will offer comprehensive cloud & CX solutions to help customers address their business challenges and increase their competitiveness. With 200+ certified CRM/CX consultants and 250+ successful cloud CRM deployments across 25 countries globally, CRMIT Solutions offers companies to enable their customer journey from everywhere the customer belongs, across both assisted & self-assisted channels including web, social, mobile, and contact center channels.

CRMIT Solutions is celebrating the 10 years of excellence in the business of cloud based Customer Experience solutions and listed amongst CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Cloud Computing Companies”. Also recognized as the largest cloud based CRM deployment partners with several leading Fortune 100 companies spread globally across various domains including banking, financial services, insurance, education, retail, manufacturing, life sciences, energy, telecom, public sector and travel and transportation. CRMIT Solutions has successfully accomplished 24,000+ hrs of CRM training engagements globally.

As an established Oracle® Platinum Partner and a proven track record, CRMIT Solutions demonstrates a commitment to excellence with certified skills in Oracle® cloud-based customer sales, marketing & Service solution. CRMIT Solutions’ extensive domain experience, technological excellence and stress on timely responses are the key differentiators. Through a global delivery model and structured methodologies, CRMIT Solutions delivers innovative cloud based CRM solutions worldwide with 100% customer satisfaction.

“Our goal is to provide the best customer experience solutions wherever our clients are in the world, and where opportunities exist for increasing our client base.  Everything we do – every order, every delivery, every service, every offering – centers on the satisfaction of our customers, and making them more efficient at what they do. With this vision, we are delighted to expand our presence in the dynamic and exciting US market to further support our clients’ business needs and drive innovation within the industry.” said Vinod Reddy, Founder and CEO, CRMIT Solutions.

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Go Live in less than 5 weeks with CRMIT’s Fixed Scope Offering for Oracle RightNow CX Cloud

Oracle Service Cloud SolutionsTo thrive in today’s customer empowered environment, brands need to deliver the best customer experiences when, where and how customers want it. Oracle Service Cloud combines Web, Social and Contact Centre experiences for a unified, cross-channel service solution in the Cloud, enabling organizations to increase sales and adoption, build trust and strengthen relationships, and reduce costs and effort. The enterprise platform provides transparent reliability, unmatched security, and total Cloud freedom for mission critical customer experience delivery. Oracle RightNow CX Cloud ServiceThe Oracle RightNow Cloud Service Fixed Scope Offering (FSO) from CRMIT Solutions is specifically designed by incorporating leading practices to provide a fast track implementation and get clients up & running on Oracle Service Cloud quickly, reliably with minimum-risk and maximum-ROI. Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Fixed Scope – Core Functionalities

  1. Knowledge Management (Knowledgebase articles / Smart Assistant /Guided assistance / Standard texts / Analytics and Reporting)
  2. Incident / Email Management (Incident and contact creation / Queue Management / SLAs / Escalation Management / Staff and Profiles creation)
  3. Web Self-Service (Customer Portal Configuration / Self- Service / Self Service for Facebook)

CRMIT Implementation scope for Oracle Service Cloud How Are We Different Specialized Partner for Oracle Service CloudCRMIT Solutions is Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) with an OPN Specialized status for Oracle RightNow CX Cloud ServiceWith Certified Oracle RightNow consultants, solution architects, implementation & support specialists, we offer an approved rapid deployment solution to deliver projects more quickly, cost effectively and with enduring knowledge transfer. Go Live in Less Than 5 Weeks with teh support of Certified Oracle Consultants Follow our best practice guidelines and project plan, throughout the life-cycle of project for a successful RightNow CX Cloud Service release to accomplish your overall business objectives. Key Features

  • Proven fast track methodology
  • Fast Setup, configuration, testing and deployment of multiple Oracle Service Cloud modules.
  • Clearly defined application scope
  • Proven approach, deliverable, roles, responsibilities.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid implementation
  • Lower cost
  • Faster ROI – results from day one
  • Low risk
  • Best practices deployed through Oracle RightNow CX  Cloud Service

Implementation Approach and Methodology Our fixed scope offering is based on CRMIT Solutions’ proven deployment method for fast track deployment of Oracle Service Cloud. Go Live in 5 Weeks for Oracle Service Cloud The method has five phases namely

  1. Discover & Define
  2. Configure
  3. Go Live
  4. Post production warranty

Implementation Scope CRMIT Solutions’ guide you through each step of the process so that you clearly understand the activities being performed, what comes next, and how we best partner together for success. CRMIT Solutions’ robust proven approach and rich experience in fast track solution deployment will ensure that clients get the quickest deployment at lowest risk and maximize the ROI. Next Step To start your journey towards realizing your modern day CX service vision, please contact us at: To learn more about our offering visit,

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Sales Cloud Technology to empower you to Sell More Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Today most of the CRM software isn’t meeting the needs of today’s sales force  and companies are challenged with inadequate resources to improve sales rep effectiveness, incomplete understanding of their customers and business and a lack of tools to help build the pipeline. Oracle Sales Cloud which is designed with the needs of the sales force and sales leaders in mind, provides Sales Force Automation (SFA) technology that enables reps to sell more on any device, managers to know more, and companies to grow more.

Oracle Sales Cloud which is also referred to as Fusion CRM is a 100 percent open, standards based set of integrated cloud-based Sales Force Automation tool. Unlike traditional CRM systems that focus only on transaction processing, with collaboration, reporting, analysis, and exception management as an afterthought, Oracle Sales Cloud is designed to deliver unprecedented business insight into sales performance management, enterprise integration and business flexibility and is the preferred choice for many customers looking for Cloud-based Sales Force Automation (SFA).

Specialized Partner with Oracle Sales CloudI am glad that CRMIT Solutions has achieved OPN Specialized status for Oracle Sales Cloud and has been recognized by Oracle for our experience in delivering services specifically around Oracle Sales Cloud through competency development, business results and proven success.

Whether you are considering implementing Salesforce Automation, Opportunity Management, Sales forecasting & Territory Management module, Sales Coach for better pushing out best practices across your sales teams, Sales Predictor for better targeting of Sales Reps to those opportunities you are most likely to win, based upon historical data or the embedded Business Intelligence, we can help you take full advantage of what Sales Cloud can offer.

Sales Force Automation

As part of our offering, to help customers realize fast track implementation with minimal risk and maximum ROI, CRMIT offers Fixed Scope Offerings (FSO) for Oracle Sales Cloud including fast setup, configuration, testing and deployment of multiple Sales Cloud modules. With our offering, you can be up and running on Sales Cloud in as early as 5 weeks.

Apart from this you may also benefit from our other host of solutions on Oracle Sales Cloud, Including Consulting, Sales Planning, Social Sales, Customer Data Enrichment, Field Sales Automation, User Adoption, Training, Health Checks and Testing.

Sales Cloud Solution

While Sales cloud improved consistency and ease of access to the right customer data in an accurate format, increasing sales productivity requires more than being able to access details of existing contacts, contracts, budgets or forecasts, or being reminded that a customer is overdue a sales call. The ability to view client history, edit accounts, reply to emails, interact with clients, prospect engagement; high quality leads generation to the focus on highest value deals with 360° view of every customer through multichannel sales management, sales forecast and leverage mobile solutions to get more engagement between the field sales and customer anytime anywhere, will save your time and increase your sales productivity. It’s all your customer information and sales data all on one screen.

SAAS Sales Cloud Analytics

If you already have systems in place, you may wish to integrate them with Sales Cloud. Oracle Sales Cloud offers strong integration architecture, based upon the proven Oracle Fusion Middleware architecture, which can be leveraged to integrate quickly and effectively with your existing systems.

With the Sales Cloud solution, your marketing, sales, sales support and management personnel work as a cohesive team collaborating together to win new customers, develop new relationships and retain existing customers


Oracle CRM On Demand Integration Apps – cut down hosting server costs with client side solutions

Oracle CRM On DemandGenerally in Oracle CRM On Demand (or any other system to that matter), when customer business needs can’t be met using standard out of box features, developing custom integration applications (using web services) is unavoidable. These custom integration solutions needs hosting server and the customers end up spending hundreds of dollars in arranging these servers. Customers who opts for cloud based solutions doesn’t like to invest in and maintain the servers in general. This is one major pain point that many customers have faced or are facing over the years.

Oracle CRM On DemandWith the latest technology advancements and with few new feature additions to Oracle CRM On Demand this problem can now be addressed to a great extent. Now let us look at these developments in brief to see on how they can be leveraged to solve the hosting server problem.

1. Latest technology development (Evolution of JavaScript to server-side apps): Since its inception in 90’s, JavaScript (JS) has become one of the most popular web development programming language. The JavaScript mainly gathered the popularity due to its ability to deliver rich, dynamic web content, its relatively lightweight and its high ease of use.


Although initially developed as a browser-agnostic scripting language, JavaScript made inroads in the areas such as mobility and server-side enterprise apps. At present, we are witnessing the shift away from server-side development in favor of client-side JavaScript. Organizations are preferring to go with backend API & rich client side applications due to obvious reasons. JS is the language everybody (developers) needs to know and it is not going to go away anytime soon.

The emergence of frameworks such as Angular, Ember, Backbone, Sencha, WebIx, etc. have taken the client side application development to the new heights and have made powerful enterprise apps development using client side technologies a reality.

2. Key feature Additions to Oracle CRM On Demand: Embracing the technology changes and to keep up with current trend, Oracle added the following features to CRM On Demand related to Client side technologies.

    a. Client Side Extension (CSE) in R19 – CSE are files (HTML, JPG, GIF, SWF, and CSS files) that you can upload to and host on Oracle CRM On Demand instead of hosting them on other servers. We can leverage the Oracle CRM On Demand security practices.

    b. JS API in R24 – API provided by Oracle CRM On Demand to customize the screens and perform CRUD operations on objects/tables.

    c. REST API – Planned in the upcoming releases

So using JS, CSE and JS API we can now develop fairly complex and rich client side solutions and host them within Oracle CRM On Demand. At the same time, it is also important to be noted that not every custom integration solution can be solved using Client side technologies. But there is a high probability of solving most custom requirements provided we exploit the powerful features of client side technologies, SOAP & JS API.

Considering the cost saving advantage it offers to the customers, integration solutions using client side technologies should be preferred option while architecting the solutions. All of this is good news for the Oracle CRM On Demand customers  :)

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Microsoft Skype and Oracle Cloud CRM – Be where your customers are!!

Skype started in Europe in 2003, got acquired after 3 years by eBay and currently owned by Microsoft (bought in 2011) in a decade long run since its launch.

Using Skype one can call, see, text & share with others – wherever they are.

Being one of the most popular IM tool, Skype is available on computer, mobile, tablet, TV and even on home phone. Latest stats suggests around 300 million around the globe use Skype to stay in touch with those who are most important in their lives, from friends, to family, to business connections. One in three international voice calls is now made using Skype. Few more stats,

skype stats

To get started with Skype all we need is – Skype installed device with microphone and speaker/headset, a web cam and an internet connection.

Skype (Microsoft) has been investing in technology improvements, these changes are expected to significantly improve the reliability & performance of Skype to provide users with the best experience possible, across devices and platforms.

When you download & create Skype account, the free and paid services are,

Skype  the free and paid services

Skype in business world:

Skype, the low-or-no-cost voice-over-Internet service was first launched for individuals and is now popular with businesses too.

If access to information is democratized by Google, then Idea of communications is democratized by Skype.  If Amazon’s cloud services made it easy for start-ups to get in business, then Skype helped tiny start-ups go global adopting Skype as communication platform.

Skype is a good tool for High-tech technical support services, demonstrations & global meetings.

In cases where customers are having issues using a product, service reps could initiate a Skype call (i.e. Video conference & Screen share) with customers to see what the problem or issue is. This helps the service reps to quickly determine the root cause and show the customer how to solve the problem then and there. This also allows companies to have a kind of “face time” with the customers.

For more business use cases – “10 Cool Ways Companies Use Skype”.

Skype with “ORACLE Cloud CRM” Products:

Skype URIs are the preferred mechanism for integrating with the Skype client, and are supported on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), and Mac OS X.

Skype URIs enable developers to create innovative mobile, web, and desktop apps that initiate Skype calls and chats, enabling users to reach target group in a convenient yet familiar way.

The below listed Skype features are integrated with “ORACLE Cloud CRM” products using Skype URIs,

Skype Features Integrated with CRM:

  1. Click to Audio Call /Audio Call – Conference
  2. Click to Video Call /Video Call – Conference
  3. Click to Chat/Multi-Chat
  4. Group Video Call (GVC)

Oracle Cloud CRM products:

  1. Oracle Sales Cloud
  2. Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)
  3. Oracle CRM On Demand

In their pursuit to provide better customer experience companies are identifying suitable channels where thier customers ‘hang-out’ and building processes around them. Skype with “Oracle Cloud CRM” enables businesses to be more customer driven and deliver defined customer experience at the same time reducing transactional costs making the combo the preferred solution  :-)

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CRMIT Solutions releases Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions to generate 25% more conversions

The only choice to intelligently configure, price and quote new deals, add-on sales and renewals – inside Oracle CRM On Demand & Oracle Sales CloudCRM++ Configure Price Quote

In the recent past, we are seeing a reasonably strong traction for our CRM++ Quote Management tool and most of these prospects have a common yet sticky problem on enabling a price quote solutions for their CRM On Demand users – at the same time not invest in big tickets like Selectica or Big Machines.

CRM++ Quote Management fits in perfectly for such prospects. This repositioning of Quote Management as a price quote solutions is expected to see road ways into many more CRM On Demand install base.

CRM++ Quote Management is a SaaS based application that acts as a one stop shop to seamlessly generate a price quote to any opportunity. It gives an organization the ability to quickly create price quote and link those quotes to accounts, contacts, or opportunities. These price quote are intended to allow sales representatives to easily and efficiently provide customers with quick quotes for pricing and availability.

CRM++ Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution slices through sales complexity to help enterprise sell more. CPQ enables sales reps and channel partners to recommend the best combination of products and services, construct accurate price quotes, and get contracts signed fast. With powerful, constraint-based configuration, step-by-step guided selling, and streamlined workflows for price quote, proposal, and contract management, CRM++ CPQ takes enterprise sales to the next level, increasing average deal size, accelerating sales cycles, and making global business faster and more efficient.

While creating a price quote, you can associate a contact with an opportunity, add products as line items to the quote, and enter price details and terms & conditions of the quote all within a secured interface. Customize, print or email price quotes across your contacts instantly without missing on those crucial opportunities.

Vinod Reddy, Founder & CEO, CRMIT Solutions

CRMIT Solutions delivers an effective Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution that changes the industry’s conventionally complex approach to the entire quoting process. The only choice to intelligently configure, price and quote new deals, add-on sales and renewals – inside Oracle CRM On Demand & Oracle Sales Cloud,” said Vinod Reddy, MD & Founder CRMIT Solutions.

CRM++ Quote Management application is available in multiple deployment models to support the current industry requirements. As per your requirements, you can opt to keep it as an On Premise (Installed) application within your firewall, or deploy it on a cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine etc.,), or let CRMIT host it for you.

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Unlock the Potential of CLOUD @Oracle #CloudWorld Melbourne on March 4, 2014

Cloud applications are changing the way we do business. What’s your strategy? Everyone talks about the benefits of cloud applications, but how many organizations truly realize them? Many businesses are still organized and operate as they did before cloud, before social, before mobile, before big data and analytics arrived. Imagine for a moment what your business would be like if it these technologies were native to your business operations and not an afterthought.

Oracle Cloud WorldYour customers are demanding and expecting cloud options for their technology and business requirements. While the competitive landscape is always changing; there are real opportunities now. Attend Oracle CloudWorld Melbourne, March 4, 2014 and be the part of cloud solutions to explore modern business strategies and practices which will help you build your cloud business and capture these opportunities.

Few industry analytics

  • 78%of sales reps’ time is spent searching for information, and only 22% selling.
  • 3 out of 4 CEOs want marketers to become 100% focused on ROI. But 21% of marketers say their tools are not capable of measuring the right things
  • 91% of service executives believe they are delighting customers, but only 37% of companies scored a customer experience rating of excellent or good
  • 53% of CFOs believe that more than half of their enterprise applications will be delivered through SaaS over the next four years
  • 13% of the world’s employees are emotionally invested in and focused on creating value for their organizations every day. To succeed, businesses need to engage the talented employees that drive innovation
  • 61% of developers believe a portion of their IT resources will move to the public cloud within the next year
  • 75% say their ability to innovate using their cloud apps has been hindered. The main hindrance is a lack of cloud app integration.

CRMIT Solutions' area of expertiseOracle CloudWorld  will help you focus on these above area of expertise in tracks for sales (sell smarter), marketing (transform marketing), customer service (modernize the customer service), finance and operations (modernize the back office), human resources (modernize HR), information technology (drive IT innovation) and development professionals (evolve development). Benefit from the experience of others in quick-paced sessions and real-world case studies.

CRMIT Solutions (an Oracle Platinum Partner) pioneers in Cloud based Customer Experience (CX) Solutions is glad to be associated with  Oracle CloudWorld Melbourne on March 4, 2014 as one of the Gold Sponsors  with a mission to be the part of a very critical discussion on

Go Social: Listen, publish, engage and analyze to respond to your existing and potential customer
Go Cloud: Seamlessly integrate & connect data from hybrid and silo systems to a unified cloud solution
GO Mobile: Experience every call, every chat, and every message to successfully engage your customers – every time

CRMIT Solutions at Oracle Cloud World

CRMIT Solutions also brings to all the Oracle CloudWorld attendees a chance to win Social Assurance Workshop. The objective of the Workshop is to provide management with an independent assessment relating to the effectiveness of controls over the enterprise’s social media policies and processes.

CRMIT Solutions' Social Assurance Workshop

The workshop will focus on governance, policies, procedures, training and awareness functions related to social media.

  • Strategy and governance—policies and frameworks
  • People—training and awareness
  • Processes
  • Technology

At Oracle CloudWorld you’ll better understand how cloud—with mobile and social technologies—is driving massive change in how enterprises interact with customers, prospects, partners, and employees

You’ll get the information and the tools that will work best for you. You can see the future of your business at Oracle CloudWorld Melbourne.

So be the part of this revolution!

Tweet us on
@crmitsolutions  #cloudworld

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Are you satisfying your customers to be your Brand Advocates?

Brand Advocacy The economy-sensitive industry is facing challenging business and consumer markets. With many competitors chasing the same customers with the very same products, companies are under extreme pressure for developing innovative customer experience solutions for markets and to match the customers’ varying demands.

Brand AdvocacyWe can hardly find any difference in services offered to customers across industries. An easy way to fight against competition and create a strong flagship brand is to convert the existing customers to brand advocates. Brand advocates are highly satisfied customers who are most likely to recommend a product or service to others; therefore it is highly critical for companies to motivate satisfied customers to advocate a brand.

Executives estimate that their potential revenue loss for not offering a positive, consistent and brand relevant customer experience is 20%. 49% of the executives believe that customer will switch brand due to poor customer experience but the reality is that 89% of the customers say that they have already switched due to poor customer experience service. 44% of the executives believe that customers are willing to pay for a greater customer service but the fact is that 86% of the customers say that they are already doing so. So about 93% of C-level executives say improving their customer’s experience is one of their top three priorities in the next two years that means boosting customer service excellence, converting the existing customers to loyal customers and  turning them their brand advocates to create a strong brand.

Brand advocates help the advocated company in many ways – they reduce marketing effort, attract new customers, increase brand visibility and so on. Companies should strive hard to deliver on products and services to keep customers satisfied. But what converts them into advocates is not satisfaction, but customer delight. Customer delight is a result of company’s extended engagement efforts for its customers; it’s a way for the company to make its customers feel special. According to me, key methods necessary for this conversion to happen are:

Brand-AdvocacyHence, I feel companies must strongly focus their efforts to build increasing number of brand advocates. Remember, advocacy is not triggered by offers or promotions, but it is a result of continuous nurturing and respect for customer relationships.

CRMIT Solutions a pioneer in delivering SaaS based customer experience consulting & solutions from sales force to socially enabled business intelligence, offers the broadest and deepest portfolio of customer experience solutions that address all customer touch-points. The solution provides rich functionality to support the specific business needs for organizations of every size, to deliver a superior customer experience and satisfying your customers to be your Brand Advocates. With over 200+ certified CRM consultants and over 250+ successful CRM deployments globally, CRMIT Solutions is one of the largest Cloud based CRM deployment partners with several leading Fortune 1000 companies spread across various domains including banking, financial services, insurance, education, retail, manufacturing, life sciences, energy, telecom, travel & transportation and public sector.

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CRMIT Solutions’ CRM++ Asterisk Telephony Connector Achieves Validated Integration with Oracle RightNow Cloud Service

CRM++ Asterisk Telephony Connector offers a comprehensive integrated telephony channel solution for Oracle Service Cloud. Oracle RightNow Cloud Service customers can now directly access Asterisk Telephony features through the CRMIT Solutions’ Unified Agent Desktop enabling an efficient cross channel customer experience.

Oracle RightNow  Cloud Service

CRMIT Solutions, a contact center and mobile experience solution provider specializing in marketing, sales force & service automation, CRM implementation & migration, training and user adoption solutions, announced today  it has achieved Oracle Validated Integration of CRM++ Asterisk Telephony with Oracle RightNow Cloud Service, a component of Oracle Service Cloud. CRMIT Solutions is a Platinum level member in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

To achieve Oracle Validated Integration, Oracle partners are required to meet a stringent set of requirements that are based on the needs and priorities of the customer and partner community. By achieving Oracle Validated Integration, CRMIT Solutions has been recognized by Oracle for its integrated Oracle RightNow Cloud Service offering that can help enable organizations to achieve sustainable business growth through relevant, cross-channel customer interactions that strengthen customer relationships, and help reduce costs by maximizing agent efficiency.

”Achieving Oracle Validated Integration gives our customers confidence that the CRM++ Asterisk Telephony Connector for Oracle RightNow Cloud Service is functionally sound and performs as tested,” said Kevin O’Brien, Senior Director, ISV and SaaS Strategy, Oracle.  “For solutions deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or both, Oracle Validated Integration applies a rigorous technical review and test process that helps to reduce deployment risk and improves the user experience of the partner’s integrated offering.”

Vinod Reddy, Founder & CEO, CRMIT Solutions

Vinod Reddy, Founder & CEO, CRMIT Solutions

“The CRM++ Asterisk Telephony Connector for Oracle RightNow Cloud Service showcases CRMIT Solutions focus and commitment to extend the Customer Experience (CX) expertise to our existing and potential customers,” said Vinod Reddy, Founder & CEO, CRMIT Solutions.


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CRMIT launches upgraded Email Solution for CRM systems to enable Customer Experience

The new CRM++ Email Workbench v1.4 enhances CRM usability with features including multiple file attachments, WYSIWYG editor, image embedding and template management. These features are seamlessly integrated to manage, capture, collate, respond and distribute important customer email activity all within the CRM system. 

Email Workbench V1.4

Email Workbench V1.4

CRMIT Solutions, a leader in transforming businesses with cloud based Customer Experience (CX) solutions on Sales, Service, Marketing & Social Cloud,  announced the release of upgraded CRM++ “Email Workbench v1.4”.

The CRM++ Email Workbench v1.4 continues to enhance users business processes and in-turn their customers’ experience with upgraded features including multiple file attachments, upgraded TinyMCE Editor, improved image embedding & preview, improved template management, draft functionality, print preview and BCC recipient.

CRM++ Email Workbench provides a comprehensive solution to manage, capture, collate, respond and distribute important customer email activity all within the CRM system. Every update, development and opportunity is immediately shared with appropriate team members, without users having to remember to copy or forward.

The CRM++ Email Workbench also eliminates the switching between email programs and CRM modules, which always has been a challenge. The seamless automation of service requests and one-stop email communication aids better visibility and accessibility to all customer information and emails within the system.

Customer experience is of paramount importance to any customer centric organization and a positive Customer Experience (CX)s enable businesses to attract more, retain more, sell more, sell for more, and do more.

Naga Chokkanathan, Director, Innovations, CRMIT Solutions

Naga Chokkanathan, Director, Innovations, CRMIT Solutions

Email Workbench v1.4is a testimony of our continued efforts to enable our customers with improved business processes and customer experience.” said Naga Chokkanathan, Director, Innovations, CRMIT Solutions “The set of new enhancements to this version is a result of customer feedback through multiple workshops that we conducted to map the customer journey, making best use of the cutting edge technology” he added

The version is currently available for Oracle CRM On Demand & Oracle Sales Cloud

To explore more about Email Workbench  click below
Datasheet for upgraded Email Workbench v 1.4 



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