National Conference at Mangalore on CRM

Much has been written about customer relationship management (CRM). Indian Companies, especially those focused on retail such as banks and Insurance providers have suffered because of a lack of understanding of their clientele behavior and expectations. On the contrary the rival fledgling organizations, with better planned systems and processes, have grabbed some of their customers and retained them successfully.

This has lead to an increased interest among all sorts of companies and professionals about handling CRM right. On this regard, a two day National Level Conference “Relevance of Customer Relationship” was conducted at Mangalore on 14th and 15th, March 2011. The intellectuals stressed and covered topics such as Evolution of CRM and its development, Importance of CRM in market place to earn the profitability etc., To know more about this conference, refer to this URL:

India is a wide and diverse country with many kinds of customers interacting with hundreds of organizations on a regular basis. In such an environment, whether it is a product company or a service company, they need to take their customer relationships seriously and handle it effectively, and that will be a very powerful tool to retain existing clients and bring new ones.

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