OOW Updates

OOW 11 is focused on extreme performance and complete solution from Oracle ( Hardward + Software)

  • On premise, Cloud, Hybrid offerings
  • Fusion is gaining momentum with several 1000 customers worldwide
  • Sun corp is part of Larry’s presentation-  Moving to Exadata/Exalogic infrastructure
  • Announcement of Exalytics – Extreme performance
  • Oracle Enterprise manager has features to monitor, deploy Cloud / On premise solutions – Several new product announcements
  • Key differentiators compared to Competition: Complete Stack, End to End control, Fusion Middleware, Extreme performance, Built in analytics
  • CRM Release 20 focus – Mobility, Deeper industry offering support,ATG is becoming part of CRM roadmap
  • Social Capabilities – Offering through Fusion Webcenter interface
  • Isales:Looks very interesting and Cool… Addressing Ipad user needs, Can be extended with Webcenter to collaborate on CRM objects; Will be part of R19 innovation pack
  • Available with Life sciences – Needs Fusion Middleware
  • MobileSales –    Now customization is possible; Available on BB/Iphone

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