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Segmenting your customer base and targeting a right marketing message to each one of them is an important aspect of CRM. Our Director Naga Chokkanathan writes about this with a simple example in this blog post:

We have a BPO / Call Center in our building, yesterday I saw a notice there for a “Free Eye Checkup Camp”, organized by a famous hospital.

Till few years back, “Free Eye Checkup Camps” used to be a social service done by various hospitals and other organizations (at least in India). They took Doctors / nurses / other health care staff to remote villages, to conduct free eye checkups / treatments / even surgeries for hundreds of people in a single day. This helped poor people who couldn’t travel or afford a traditional treatment.

Now, the same “Camps” are being used as “Campaigns” by large hospital chains. They basically do free checkup and consulting, in return to having your details in their database. Also, if you have any serious problems in your eye / vision, you will go to their hospital for a (paid) treatment, isn’t it?

When you look at it from the other side of the table, people working in an IT company or BPO won’t need a “free” eye checkup, they can always go for a paid checkup, But when it is offered for free in their own premises, they will go for it, as time is their only investment.

So, modern “Free Eye Checkup Camps” are a WIN:WIN for both parties, they generate leads to the hospital, and in return, those leads get free checkup and consulting. Overall, society is happy as more and more eye problems get detected early. Beautiful model.

Coming back to the BPO “Free Eye Checkup Camp”, When I saw the notice, I got curious, I wanted to see how this famous hospital convinces Call Center employees to go for an eye checkup.

From a marketing perspective, it should be a piece of cake, EVERYONE knows IT / BPO employees strain their eyes too much by looking into those monitors all day, and they need eye checkups frequently. If you are lazy, use the eye checkup camp conducted in your own office premises, at zero cost, perfect!

But guess what? That hospital’s notice about the “Special” Eye Checkup camp had none of these points. It was the usual “Close your eyes, imagine a life without vision” etc., stuff… Generic, Boring, Junk text.

It was a stunning example of “Lost opportunity”, Here they have a clear segment : Young people who look at their computer monitors all day (or night), tons of material available online and offline to tell them why it is important for them to check their eyes regularly, and all you manage is an “Eyes are essential to human beings” kind of statement? Oops!

I can understand why this might have happened. Most likely, the hospital has a generic template for Eye camps which they reuse multiple times, changing only the company name. It will be easy and convenient, but imagine what can happen if there is a ‘targeted’ message. If I am in that position, I would create a special template for IT / BPO employees, one for Housewives, one for senior citizens and so on, so that I can use the one which makes sense in my target audience, for any given camp(aign).

Whatever may be your medium, if audience are not getting an answer for the magic question “What’s in it for me?”, it will be ignored.

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