Is CRM Essential?

We think so. If you look at some examples of what will happen without CRM, it is easy to realize the importance of having a right CRM solution in place.

For example, Refer to this news article :

In a nut shell, Energy Giant NPower is fined £2million for the way they handled customer complaints. It seems npower failed to record all details of the complaints it received, did not give customers enough details of the redress service offered by the energy ombudsman, and failed to put in place adequate processes to deal with complaints.

Surprisingly, any CRM in the market (including the free versions) will have this basic service request handling functionality. All it requires is a bit of discipline in recording all the details, monitoring them via reports and constantly looking at the SLA. In our experience, this is one of the simplest business processes to implement in any CRM solution.

Unfortunately, npower didn’t and pays the heavy price now. Such examples are becoming more and more these days as the customers are having more options and are realizing their rights.

Typically, CRM implementations cover Sales, Marketing and Service areas. Among these three, service implementation is the most important as it brings immediate visibility to outsiders. Any mistake there would mean a disaster, with all the social media power in consumer’s hands.

On the other hand, a well implemented CRM can really add value to you by improving client satisfaction and bringing new business. There are tons of examples for this too.

So, CRM or Non-CRM, the answer is a no-brainer, really!

One thought on “Is CRM Essential?

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