Loyalty Programs : Do they really work?

Do loyalty programs really work? What can be done to make them work? An article by CRMIT's Senior Director Naga Chokkanathan: Loyalty management is a big CRM topic. Every company wants their customers to remain loyal and give continuous business and share of their wallet. They introduce schemes like loyalty cards, points, gifts etc., to … Continue reading Loyalty Programs : Do they really work?


Communication is a constant problem for any company. Even if you are proactive and send the right message at the right time, what is the assurance that people will actually read it? There are many problems that get created because customers just miss to read important messages. We can't blame them too, they are suffering … Continue reading Visualize!

Socially skyward…

Whenever one travels by a flight, the primary concern is his/her co-passenger, mainly because one doesn’t have an option to change their seats even if the flight has vacant seats or it doesn’t have frequent stops like other means of transport. This unknown passenger lands up as a point of conversation across chat rooms or … Continue reading Socially skyward…

(Simple) Social CRM

Social Customer Relationship Management (#SocialCRM or #SCRM in short) is usually assumed to be a very complex thing, requiring new tools and techniques. But in reality, what you need is just a different way of looking at your customer relationships. Of course, tools help you get there and with quality, but they are secondary, really. … Continue reading (Simple) Social CRM

Santa gave us an Early Christmas Gift!

Just got this feedback from one of our esteemed clients in Financial Services Vertical, from Shanghai. This is about an Oracle CRM On Demand implementation we are doing for them. Great to hear their comments about this engagement, an early Christmas gift we should say 😛 CRMIT team's timely follow up on the new business … Continue reading Santa gave us an Early Christmas Gift!

Social CRM : B2B & B2C Scenarios

Today we got an interesting Presentation link about "Social CRM in B2B". We opened it eagerly and alas, it was in French! No worries, sooner or later, someone will translate it to English. But still, we wanted to browse thro' the slides and found two fantastic images comparing visually how Social CRM approach differs between … Continue reading Social CRM : B2B & B2C Scenarios

Chat Using Google Talk, inside your Oracle CRM On Demand

Are you using Google Talk to talk to your customers / prospects? Are you using Oracle CRM On Demand to manage them? Tired of switching between these two systems? Don't worry, there is a very simple trick to embed Google Talk inside Oracle CRM On Demand, We prepared a short video to explain this: Chat … Continue reading Chat Using Google Talk, inside your Oracle CRM On Demand

A CRM Fairy Tale

Recently I attended a teleconference with a prospect. We were trying to suggest CRM as a solution to their current business pain points, they appreciated our approach, but were not sure if it will really solve their problem. One person in particular raised some very basic doubts, like 'Do we really need CRM?' It sounds … Continue reading A CRM Fairy Tale

Is Microsoft going to survive the macro hard times?

An article by our CRM Consultant Sai Ratnakar Bezawada on Microsoft's Mobile / Smart Phone Operating System Strategy: Shopping for a mobile was never an easy decision since its inception, now with rapid technological advancements in the smart phone market there are a number of mobile applications being developed everyday and published to make life … Continue reading Is Microsoft going to survive the macro hard times?