Chat Using Google Talk, inside your Oracle CRM On Demand

Are you using Google Talk to talk to your customers / prospects? Are you using Oracle CRM On Demand to manage them? Tired of switching between these two systems? Don't worry, there is a very simple trick to embed Google Talk inside Oracle CRM On Demand, We prepared a short video to explain this: Chat … Continue reading Chat Using Google Talk, inside your Oracle CRM On Demand

A CRM Fairy Tale

Recently I attended a teleconference with a prospect. We were trying to suggest CRM as a solution to their current business pain points, they appreciated our approach, but were not sure if it will really solve their problem. One person in particular raised some very basic doubts, like 'Do we really need CRM?' It sounds … Continue reading A CRM Fairy Tale

Is Microsoft going to survive the macro hard times?

An article by our CRM Consultant Sai Ratnakar Bezawada on Microsoft's Mobile / Smart Phone Operating System Strategy: Shopping for a mobile was never an easy decision since its inception, now with rapid technological advancements in the smart phone market there are a number of mobile applications being developed everyday and published to make life … Continue reading Is Microsoft going to survive the macro hard times?

Too Many Links?

You may be aware that CRMIT is very active in Twitter and Facebook. Everyday we post tons of interesting links about CRM / Social Media / SaaS and related topics. (Psst: If you are not following us in Twitter / Facebook, you are missing some solid knowledge base about latest CRM happenings, Go ahead and follow … Continue reading Too Many Links?

Email Campaigns To Social Campaigns

Lot of buzz about Social Media / Social CRM / Social Campaigns. What is it all about? Our Director Naga Chokkanathan takes a small example and explains how someone can go from zero-to-email-to-social quite easily, all you need is a 'social thinking' mindset: My favorite composer is planning to do a live concert next month, … Continue reading Email Campaigns To Social Campaigns

3M India CRM Implementation Case Study

Recently, 3M India implemented Oracle CRM On Demand for their various business units. They chose us as their implementation partners, and the project was completed with great business results and customer satisfaction. Oracle has covered this implementation as a case study, which talks about the business problems, solution implemented and the implementation approach that CRMIT … Continue reading 3M India CRM Implementation Case Study

mCRM @ Mid Day

Our CRM++ application mCRM (for Android) is covered in a special article in "Mid Day" Newspaper from India. You can read the article in this link : Android users, you can  download our "mCRM Lite" Free application from this URL (Or simply search for "mCRM" in the Market Application from your Mobile Phone) : … Continue reading mCRM @ Mid Day