Law Of Non Resistance : How It Works?

Whenever we refuse to accept a situation, we actually put in more power to it and this makes it even harder to solve. The moment we decide to resist it, we direct negative energy to that object or situation and this makes the problem appear even bigger. We start losing hopes, feel dis-empowered and ultimately lose the energy to overcome it. This is called violation of Law of Non Resistance.

The saying goes like this “what you resist always persists” and struggling with any situation is a clear sign that you are moving against the flow. But believe me, you can change this direction anytime you want. To actually make this Law of Non Resistance work for you, the easiest way is to recognize the problem and view every aspect related to it.

As you start acknowledging it, you start giving positive energy to it and this helps your action to target the problem appropriately. And giving out positive energy allows you to receive positive energy, as well. This is how the law works for you and pushes you to move in the correct direction.

If in case, you are not able to find a solution for the problem, you can leave it for a while and wait for sometime until you get some ideas to resolve it. But in this case, you got to leave the problem peacefully and need not think about it for the rest of the day. So remember, whenever you start facing your problems, you head towards your life’s purpose and when you do not, you actually invite lot of struggle and suffering in your life.

– Charu Mehta

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