Social Media Q & A posted some interesting questions regarding usage of Social Media in today’s enterprises. I have tried to address them based on our experience in handling Social Media / Social CRM Projects. Please share your thoughts too:

What companies are using social media internally?

Almost all companies need to adopt this sooner or later. But as the first wave, B2C companies seem to be doing this more than their B2B counterparts, If you want to drilldown further, FMCG companies, Telecom, Media, Banks followed by Retail is my order.

How are they using social media with their employees? And how is it helping?

This is still a ‘guess’, but it is very clear that your Social Media strategy *should* include an internal collaboration strategy too, Because it gives you immediate visibility and ROI, before even you attempt at speaking to people external to you.

I feel the value add is in the areas of searching for past experiences and finding the right resources to close a new business or a client problem faster. Other aspects could be knowledge sharing, Groups etc.,

Do employees get more work done when they can utilize social media tools? Why or why not?

People argue both ways. One school of thought says that Social Media tools improve productivity, while others feel it is a distraction. As of now many companies are keeping them separate (Social Media Team) until it becomes clear what is effective and why

If you ask my personal opinion, I am from the “Yes, Social Media Tools help me **work** better” group. But that is only because I am confident about my discipline and ability to make best use of it, Can’t say the same about everybody else, even my closest colleagues 🙂

Will younger workers want to work at an organization that doesn’t embrace real-time, collaborative tools?

A big fat No 🙂 They may still work, but the *want* part will certainly be missing. For the web 2.0 generation, social tools are a way of life, not an optional thingy

– Naga Chokkanathan, Director (Innovation), CRMIT

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