Oracle Fusion CRM : A Boom For Sales Performance Management

Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is boom for sales performance management, because of these main reasons:

  • Sales planning, prospecting and productivity are the key challenges for a sales rep to increase their sales performance. Oracle Fusion CRM delivers these three areas for better results and revenues
  • Sales information is configured on Role-based user experience viz., sales executives, sales managers and a sales rep, helps to extract information when they need it
  • With Oracle Fusion CRM Sales reps can easily design, modify and execute sales plans using the integrated territory management, quota management and incentive compensation solution
  • Oracle Fusion CRM analysis the existing customers purchasing patterns to generate high quality lead and better prospecting
  • Sale reps can create their own personalised sales campaigns based on their each prospects using the inbuilt Campaign Management, thus reducing dependence on Marketing
  • Embedded Social collaborations, integration with Mobile and Microsoft Outlook reduces the reporting and increase productivity
– Chippada Chittibabu, CRM Sales Consultant, CRMIT

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