Oracle Fusion CRM : All that you need to know!

While other CRMs are just focusing on finding a way to facilitate sales reps to sell smartly, Oracle Fusion CRM helps sales professionals to outmaneuver their competition by planning, viewing, working together and closing smarter. This recently unveiled cloud service is a comprehensive sales suite solution that is sure to drive better sales performance management.

A Sneak Peak

Oracle Fusion CRM is not just a part of the most complete set of enterprise grade services available these days, but is also the smartest CRM solution available in cloud. Whether you require strengthening the power of your enterprise or you need vendor accountability, Oracle Fusion CRM is the best solution that offers high quality CRM capabilities and drives smarter selling.

How it works?

This brand new cloud service facilitates in incorporating sales territory management with quota management to assist businesses optimize resource allocation. In addition to this, it also combines customer and product master data with all CRM processes and helps sales representatives to spotlight their efforts on solutions.

It not just perks up lead generation processes by organizing customer dialogs with multi-stage campaigns and consistent lead qualification processes, but also enables businesses to bring a secured customer center for all CRM business processes which are supported by a common 360˚ view of customer info. The best part is that it supports various choices of deployment models by offering flexibility between on-premise deployments and public & private cloud.


  • This extensible, flexible and modular advancement for rapid adoption provides role based user experience, thus endowing sales representatives, executives and managers with information when they need
  • Its 100% standard based infrastructure trims down the cost of implementation, staffing and perpetuation
  • It’s availability on demand offers true value for money.

CRMIT is taking initiatives to deliver Oracle Fusion CRM as a complete suite of modular applications that will work together with existing applications portfolio to evolve business to a new level of performance. So, if you also want to make the most of business intelligence that can bring unparalleled insight into sales planning and performance management, then Oracle Fusion CRM is the one stop solution for you.

Charu Mehta

CRM Consultant, CRMIT

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