Oracle Cloud : An Introduction

You might have heard / read about , Oracle’s newest offering to host your apps in cloud infrastructure. Here are some high level points for you to consider before deciding to use this cool service:

Infrastructure Provided:

  • WebLogic 11g
  • Data Cloud Services (Oracle)
  • Clustering
  • Directory Services
  • SSO
  • Deploy directly from Eclipse / JDeveloper
  • Monitor


What can be hosted?

  • Java / J2EE Apps (WAR / EAR)
  • Frameworks: ADF, Spring, Hibernate etc.,
  • Web Services (Only Inbound as of now)

Skills Needed

  • Development : Java / J2EE
  • Web Logic Administration

What Is Available already?

  • Oracle Fusion CRM
  • Oracle HCM
  • Oracle Social Network
  • More to come!

Cool, How do I register?

Here is the link :,P102_NEXT_PAGE,P102_NEXT_ITEM,P102_NEXT_VALUE:service2,notify_me

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