Clarity In Communication

Saw a newspaper advertisement for a general insurance service, with the following text prominently displayed: No Claim Bonus Of course, people in the insurance industry / those who bought insurance / made claims earlier will immediately understand this as: If you don't make any claims in the policy period, you get a bonus However, assuming … Continue reading Clarity In Communication

Current Job Openings in CRMIT

Being a fast growing market leader in CRM space and a great place to work, CRMIT has always been providing great opportunities and career prospects to ambitious people. It just expects people walking to the interviews to be really aware of the expectation and have enough motivation to join the company. We have listed the … Continue reading Current Job Openings in CRMIT

User Experience Of Oracle Fusion CRM

One of the major attractions (and useful features) of Oracle Fusion CRM is, its User Experience. The entire user pages are split into multiple areas such as: Global Area (Common Tools and Services) Regional Area (Specific Tools) Local Area (Transactions, Information, Actions) Contextual Area (Additional Information on what we are doing) For example, let us … Continue reading User Experience Of Oracle Fusion CRM

Oracle Fusion CRM : Territory Management

Oracle Fusion CRM provides an easy to use Territory Management module, for sales teams to organize their sales regions into multiple territories, based on various criteria / Dimensions (Example : Geography, Product, Industry, Account etc.,) Once these are decided and the territories are defined, we can attach metrics to them. These are used by the … Continue reading Oracle Fusion CRM : Territory Management

New Customer For CRM++ Quote and Order Management Solution

We are  happy to share the good news that CRMIT will implement our cutting edge CRM++ Quote and Order Management solution for Ambu, a leading healthcare services provider, based in Denmark. The application will be implemented in Ambu sites across UK and US. CRM++ Quote and Order Management application from CRMIT offers Oracle CRM On … Continue reading New Customer For CRM++ Quote and Order Management Solution

Oracle Cloud : An Introduction

You might have heard / read about , Oracle's newest offering to host your apps in cloud infrastructure. Here are some high level points for you to consider before deciding to use this cool service: Infrastructure Provided: WebLogic 11g Data Cloud Services (Oracle) Clustering Directory Services SSO Deploy directly from Eclipse / JDeveloper Monitor … Continue reading Oracle Cloud : An Introduction

CRMIT’s Best Selling Productivity Applications for CRM On Demand

Published In : When one thinks about high-performance indicators within business verticals, two factors that always stand out are customer satisfaction and experience. Effectively answering all emails including service requests, complaints, grievances, appreciations and even requests for more business is critical to have a satisfied customer base. Likewise, promoting collaboration among CRM users and making it … Continue reading CRMIT’s Best Selling Productivity Applications for CRM On Demand