Client Feedback On CRMIT’s CRMOD Implementation Services

Great news to begin the week. We are very happy to share the client Feedback from one of our recent Oracle CRM On Demand #CRMOD implementations. This client is a famous Insurance and Banking firm from Australia. Thanks CRMIT for the excellent work to support the demanding requirements on this implementation of CRMoD. You were … Continue reading Client Feedback On CRMIT’s CRMOD Implementation Services

Customizing Oracle Fusion CRM

We have prepared a short video, which talks in detail about "Extending Oracle Fusion CRM". It covers information about the MDS Repository, Engine, Various layers where customizations can be done, how these are stored in the repository and how they are retrieved at the runtime to provide different experience to different users. Customizing Oracle Fusion … Continue reading Customizing Oracle Fusion CRM

Book Review : The Asocial Networking By Dhiraj Kumar

In the last couple of years, we have read enough about Social Networks. Some of us understood what it is all about and got in there with clear goals, many others went with the flow and became addicts. Few think it spoils their productivity and decide to keep it strictly controlled (or stop it altogether), … Continue reading Book Review : The Asocial Networking By Dhiraj Kumar

Guest Post : The spiral continues

With political, cultural and social revolutions happening on Twitter and Facebook by the day, the arguments for the Internet being the common man’s means of political participation is no more surprising. With everyone (with Internet connectivity and literacy) being able to start a blog (or a microblog) and speak his/ her mind (in most countries), … Continue reading Guest Post : The spiral continues

Oracle Fusion CRM Reporting

Oracle Fusion CRM comes with a comprehensive Reporting Module, which is very easy to use, flexible, yet powerful enough to capture all your reporting needs. If you are already comfortable with Oracle's BI (OBIEE Or CRM On Demand Answers) way of creating reports, this should be very easy for you, there is basically not much … Continue reading Oracle Fusion CRM Reporting

Social CRM For Service Teams

One common source where people are sharing content online more than ever is certainly the social networking environment. This is the largest source of direct, honest and outspoken opinions and community assistance. While this real time social media thing is global, uncontrollable and dynamic that lets your prospects and customers talk about you online, it … Continue reading Social CRM For Service Teams

Oracle Fusion CRM Look and Feel

Found this treasure during a casual browse, Oracle Fusion CRM Screenshots from various modules, uploaded in High Quality by the official Oracle team themselves! Looking at the newly released Fusion CRM Product, these screenshots are slightly old, But still give a clear picture in terms of what to expect from this industry defining product. Go … Continue reading Oracle Fusion CRM Look and Feel