CRMIT @ Oracle Day

CRMIT participated in the recent “Oracle Day” at Oracle HQ. Here are some highlights, recorded by our Regional Sales Director Mr. Raj Badoni:

  • Focus was on Oracle’s complete HW & SW stack : engineered systems, and cloud
  • Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics, Enterprise Manager, Oracle Cloud, Big Data, Fusion
  • IT investments/spent growing from maintaining services to innovation
  • 2/3rd of world growth will come from emerging markets, not matured industrialized economies like US
  • 71% of companies say that innovation is the #1 factor in competitiveness, but 70% to 90% of companies don’t use IT to its full potential
  • In 2011, IT spending distribution was : 66% to run business, 20% to grow business, and 14% to transform business
  • Fusion Apps goal for end user : What do you need to know, Who can help you, How do you get it done
  • Exalogic elastic cloud : fastest for java and Oracle apps.
  • Cloud : public, private, OnPremise, hybrid
  • Spending on SaaS is projected to double by 2014, and PaaS will triple by 2014
  • Embedded intelligence : OBI apps, Dashboards, Analytics, Innovative reporting
  • Enterprise apps focus : ERP, HCM, CRM, SCM, GRC, EPM
  • Apps platform : BI, Content management, SOA & Process management, User experience, Identity & Access, Dev tools
  • CY2012 releases : Fusion V1.x, Hyperion EMP 11.x, E-Business Suite 12.x, PeopleSoft 9.x, JDE E19.x, ValueChain 12.x, Agile 9.x, OPA 10.x, Siebel CRM 8.x, E-Billing 6.x, CRMOD Marketing 5.x, CRM & Contact on Demand 19+
  • 100+ Fusion Apps modules : CRM, Financial management, HCM, Project portfolio management, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Government Risk & Compliance
  • CRM : Customer master, Sales, Marketing, Incentive compensation, Mobile & Outlook integration, Territory & quota management, Integrated BI, Social and extensibility
  • Fusion with embedded social, embedded BI, and on mobile
  • Fusion middleware : Coherence, WebLogic server, Tuxedo : cloud application foundation

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