Exporting Options In Oracle Fusion CRM

Oracle Fusion Apps provide flexible options to export your data as spreadsheets, for offline usage. Let us see how this is done in a typical Fusion CRM Screen:

Step 1 : Login to Fusion CRM

Step 2 : Click on “Navigator” and browse to the screen where you want to export data from

Step 3 : Using the left navigation, click on the correct list which you want to export

Step 4 : (Optional) Filter out records using the “Query By Example” Option, so that you only export limited records, not all

Step 5 : Click on “View” > “Columns” to select all the fields you want to make visible in your exported spreadsheet file

Step 6 : Repeat Step 5 to show all required fields in your current view (If there are too many fields, use “View” > “Columns” > “Manage Columns”

Step 7 : Click on “Actions” > “Export To Excel” Or simply click the icon “Export To Excel”, After few seconds, the spreadsheet will start downloading

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