Customer Journey

For some, customer experience may be just an interaction between an organization and a customer, but in point of fact, it is much more than just a rational experience. How you interact with your customer, what are your delivery time scales, how quickly you answer your customer calls and there are so many other things. According to a survey, 50% of the customer experience depends on how the customer journey was and how (s)he feels after each interaction. Let’s take an example of a pharmacy shop.

When you go to a pharmacy shop, what is the first thing that catches your attention? Of course, The shop’s board!

For instance, there is an ice-cream parlor in a commercial street where a huge ice-cream cone is displayed outside the shop. People heading towards the street can easily make out an ice-cream parlor from 100 – 200 meters, but as you go closer, you will find that the cone displayed outside the shop is very dirty. This may leave you with an impression of an unhygienic ambience inside. So, the first step of the customer journey being the shop’s board plays an important role.

Next on the list, is the shop’s door. A door may be clean, dirty, transparent or may have an advertisement on it. But the kind of advertisement you have, may either exert a pull on customer or drive him back. For example, a pharmacy shop may have advertisements with happy faces / family pictures which creates a good impression on the customers. So, it is equally important for you to have an entrance that catches the attention of your customers and encourages them to shop from your medical store.

Third thing that contributes to customer experience and customer journey is the shop’s interior, amenities and all services that are available. Next is the counter. A counter can be a wooden platform or may be glass, but the most important is how you keep it. It should be clean, welcoming and may be large enough to accommodate different stuff.

Then comes the most important part, how people behind the counter handle the customers? Are they attending customers properly? Are they making customers wait for too long? Is their response fast enough to make customer’s experience pleasant?

For many stores, here ends the journey of a customer, but in reality, there are so many other things that contribute to the overall customer experience. Small things like accepting payments, packing and after sales also matter a lot.

For instance, let us say a diabetic patient visits your pharmacy regularly, you may remind him after a certain interval about restocking his medicines or may be his diabetes vaccinations.

Please note that the journey described here is just a sample, it may look too simple / uncomplicated for a pharmacy shop, But for your business, there might be multiple steps involved which may need very complex processing / systems / software / manpower etc., Those tools are secondary, the important part is that customer journey and customer experience should always be the top priorities for any business.

Charu Mehta

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