Instagram & Facebook : What to Expect?

Facebook, is a social networking site used extensively for sharing photos, and they until recently were planning to create their own photo filters to compete with rivals Instagram head -on. They had such a huge fan following that they selected to acquire the company instead. Instagram will still operate as a detached platform allowing users … Continue reading Instagram & Facebook : What to Expect?

Customer Relationships In Retail Stores

Let’s Consider these: The guy on his mo-bike leaves home for office. Before turning at the street corner, he stops his vehicle close to some news paper vendors. He has to wait for his turn to buy Economic Times, as the person manning the shop is busy with another buyer. He gives a lazy look … Continue reading Customer Relationships In Retail Stores

Is The Customer Always Right?

Couple of days back, I was in a restaurant having my breakfast, a divine combination of Idly and Sambar, Bangalore's most popular morning meal. While I was about to finish eating, I heard some loud noises. They were coming from the table behind me. I turned back and saw an angry customer shouting at his … Continue reading Is The Customer Always Right?

Oracle Feedback

One of our largest customers went live with their Oracle CRM On Demand #CRMOD implementation two days back. We already shared the feedback from the client here. Guess what, there is more good news, We worked with Oracle on this implementation and they have sent some wonderful feedback as well. Very happy to share them … Continue reading Oracle Feedback

Customer Experience Management : A Podcast

We at CRMIT believe that Customer Experience Management is one of the emerging trends, where the future lies. This may mean 'CRM is not enough, it's going to be CEM Era now!' and we are thrilled to be part of this journey. Last week, CRMIT had an internal discussion on the topic of CEM / … Continue reading Customer Experience Management : A Podcast

Client Feedback On CRMIT’s Implementation Of Oracle CRM On Demand

Great news! One of our biggest customers from Australia, went live today with Oracle CRM On Demand #CRMOD, and we are very happy to share the client Feedback from them. This client provides service and support to various people in need, and are committed to provide them a chance to participate fully in community life. … Continue reading Client Feedback On CRMIT’s Implementation Of Oracle CRM On Demand

CRMIT Australia : An Introduction

CRMIT Pty. Ltd. is a pioneer in CRM consulting with 100% customer and Oracle, Partner community satisfaction. Being a Oracle Cloud CRM Gold Partner, with specialization status in Oracle CRM On Demand Solutions, we have done 175+ successful CRM / Portal/ Back office integration deployments worldwide and have over 5 years of experience on this … Continue reading CRMIT Australia : An Introduction