Guest Post : Have I Got Your Attention Now?

Admit it.  As consumers, we've all felt frustration . . . the confusing IVR, the long hold, the uncaring support agent, the seemingly Draconian rules that cost time and money.   It’s amazing more people don’t take to violence.  But sometimes they do. Her name is Mona Shaw, a 79 year old with a heart condition.  … Continue reading Guest Post : Have I Got Your Attention Now?

Oracle RightNow : An Introduction

Today, our CRM Consultant Mr. Suresh conducted an introductory session on Oracle's popular CX Product "RightNow". Sharing our notes from this event, in Mind Map format. Click Here to view the Mind Map in Full Size :

4 Unconventional CRM Strategies For Touching Base With Customers

(Source : 1. Invoice Notes 2. "How Can We Improve?" Calls 3. Open House / Party 4. The "Project Completion" (Or "Transaction Completion") Thank You

Guest Post : What Process Means To A Customer

In my Process consulting experience of 7 years to a Customer, who is one among the Top 15 most respected companies in the world, I learnt a few things about what a Customer expects a Process to do or not to do. Will try to share some of that learnings here. Your Family & Friends … Continue reading Guest Post : What Process Means To A Customer

7 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace Social Media, For Selling

From Gleanster's Whitepaper ( ) 1. Adding Value 2. Identifying Key Influencers, Building Relationships 3. Earning a conversation 4. Actively Monitoring Behavior 5. Having a presence on Social Media Channels 6. Establishing a Social Media Policy for Sales 7. Considering the Customer Experience

Oracle Open World @ Social Media

The Biggest Oracle community event, OOW, "Oracle Open World" is going to start soon. Oracle has kick started the Social Media channels for this event. Here is a collection for you to use, to keep track of what's up with this mega event! Facebook : Twitter : Hashtag : #oow LinkedIn : Instagram : Pinterest … Continue reading Oracle Open World @ Social Media