CRMIT : A Journey!

Nine years is a long period in the life of Software Company and stepping into decennial year is a great landmark!

It’s good to look back with retrospection and introspection.

There were many teething problems, hurdles, bottlenecks and constraints down this road. However this is no surprise as growing a child never would have been an easy task.

Being small is beautiful and easily manageable. A child grows faster by the day with every one giving their whole hearted contribution .The key factor is what the child has picked as it grew and how is it poised to take the next leap forward. The first steps are small and with many slips and trips to make way for long and higher strides.

Most lessons a child learns before it grows into adolescence and would be using the learning all throughout its life. One learns more by mistakes, failures and blunders than through achievements and laurels. But successes, recognitions, appreciations and satisfactions are true motivators which keep you breathing and moving.

Reaching the next phase of life knowing you are well placed to face the new world challenges and having worked on your value system is a wonderful feeling! Knowing your play field and rules of the game well is an advantage. Respect your sponsors and competitors give you makes you believe you can achieve more!

To reach your best potential and succeed, you require nurtured talent, opportunities and good luck! In a positive and growing environment, each one has opportunity to grow and succeed!

The magic is Big Thinking! Big thinkers don’t look back nor get stuck with present; they look forward with a clear vision. Every one may not have a vision or a dream, but surely they should have a wish and a hope! Belief and passion are critical to big players as is adventure and action! Nothing big is ever achieved through small thinking, meager plans and poor actions.

Hi CRMIT! , you Journey so far has been good: you have all ingredients to be great!

Congrats and all the Best!

Now it’s time to incl9.

Bhasker Rao K

Director (Education), CRMIT

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