In memory database in Cloud …

I picked up this topic to blog not just because “Cloud” is my focus of interest but due to the reason that for first time I discovered SAP is a database company too. This article talks about SAP’s Hana in-memory database in Cloud model and its core differentiator from other DB vendors as its high performance in-memory database where the entire application data is stored in RAM instead of files.

I am not sure whether it is a strong differentiator as recently in Oracle Open World, Oracle announced similar products though I am not quiet sure about availability of them in cloud model.

Salesforce which is a lead player and has one by name Heroku.

Now it is interesting to note that these in-memory DB from SAP, Oracle and Salesforce are slowly made available in Cloud model where the clients are charged on hourly basis depending on their usage which makes it compelling for companies to buy.

Not sure what is Microsoft’s plan on this front (i read somewhere on xvelocity though haven’t see any big announcements yet). May be we can expect an announcement shortly on its foray into cloud DB as a service space too …

Can SAP takes on Oracle / Salesforce / MSFT in database market? Not sure about conventional DB market but may be in Cloud model …Let us wait and watch

Venkatesan Sundaram
Senior Director, CRMIT

Originally Published on Venky’s Blog

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