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CRMIT Solutions releases Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions to generate 25% more conversions

The only choice to intelligently configure, price and quote new deals, add-on sales and renewals – inside Oracle CRM On Demand & Oracle Sales CloudCRM++ Configure Price Quote

In the recent past, we are seeing a reasonably strong traction for our CRM++ Quote Management tool and most of these prospects have a common yet sticky problem on enabling a price quote solutions for their CRM On Demand users – at the same time not invest in big tickets like Selectica or Big Machines.

CRM++ Quote Management fits in perfectly for such prospects. This repositioning of Quote Management as a price quote solutions is expected to see road ways into many more CRM On Demand install base.

CRM++ Quote Management is a SaaS based application that acts as a one stop shop to seamlessly generate a price quote to any opportunity. It gives an organization the ability to quickly create price quote and link those quotes to accounts, contacts, or opportunities. These price quote are intended to allow sales representatives to easily and efficiently provide customers with quick quotes for pricing and availability.

CRM++ Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution slices through sales complexity to help enterprise sell more. CPQ enables sales reps and channel partners to recommend the best combination of products and services, construct accurate price quotes, and get contracts signed fast. With powerful, constraint-based configuration, step-by-step guided selling, and streamlined workflows for price quote, proposal, and contract management, CRM++ CPQ takes enterprise sales to the next level, increasing average deal size, accelerating sales cycles, and making global business faster and more efficient.

While creating a price quote, you can associate a contact with an opportunity, add products as line items to the quote, and enter price details and terms & conditions of the quote all within a secured interface. Customize, print or email price quotes across your contacts instantly without missing on those crucial opportunities.

Vinod Reddy, Founder & CEO, CRMIT Solutions

CRMIT Solutions delivers an effective Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution that changes the industry’s conventionally complex approach to the entire quoting process. The only choice to intelligently configure, price and quote new deals, add-on sales and renewals – inside Oracle CRM On Demand & Oracle Sales Cloud,” said Vinod Reddy, MD & Founder CRMIT Solutions.

CRM++ Quote Management application is available in multiple deployment models to support the current industry requirements. As per your requirements, you can opt to keep it as an On Premise (Installed) application within your firewall, or deploy it on a cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine etc.,), or let CRMIT host it for you.


Is your customer relationship management system meeting the needs of today’s sales force?

CRMIT Solutions’ Sales Cloud Technology empowers you to drive growth through Smart Selling

CRMIT Solutions Sales Cloud enables you to solves these challengesToday’s businesses have sales teams that have moved beyond basic sales force automation solutions. Modern sales representatives and sales leaders need solutions that are easy-to-use, mobile, real-time, collaborative, analytics-drive, offer robust territory, quota and incentive compensation Management.

CRMIT Solutions’ Sales Cloud delivers on the needs of the modern sales team by offering a complete set of solutions that are purpose-built to deliver not just sales force automation but a complete set of capabilities to maximize and optimize enterprise sales team effectiveness.

CRMIT Solutions Sales Cloud

Sales Planning
Quality sales pipelines and accurate forecasts are grounded in structured territory, account and opportunity planning processes. These processes provide sales managers with clear vision without which they miss quota goals, forecast revenue inaccurately, close the majority of deals late in the quarter – or year. A predictable sales planning process avoids these pitfalls by improving coverage of its territories and accounts.  The result is a better balance between new account sales and existing account up-sells and cross-sells.

Sales Prospecting
A prospect is someone that could buy the products or services that a salesperson is advertising or promoting. Sales prospecting refer to the search for new and competent customers and is a key selling skill and a critical skill to develop if you want to increase your sales and achieve long-term success in sales.

Sales Productivity
Your sales team is a valuable and expensive resource that needs to be tasked efficiently – and their sales productivity can be dramatically improved if they’re given access to the right kind of data, in the right format, wherever and whenever they need it.

While sales cloud improved consistency and ease of access to the right customer data in an accurate format, increasing sales productivity requires more than being able to access details of existing contacts, contracts, budgets or forecasts, or being reminded that a customer is overdue a sales call. The ability to view client history, edit accounts, reply to emails, interact with clients, and forecast all on one app, will save you time and increase your sales productivity. It’s all your customer information and sales data all on one screen.

With CRMIT Solutions‘ Sales Cloud, your marketing, sales, sales support and management personnel work as a cohesive team collaborating together to win new customers, develop new relationships and retain existing customers


Delivering workforce the most engaging, interactive information anytime, anywhere from a completely mobile perspective

Go Mobile with CRMIT Solutions' Mobile CRMThe mobile device and mobile apps are changing the customer experience and forcing organizations to rethink how users across all demographics access and activate content, services, commerce, and critical business applications.

It’s clear that organizations no longer consider mobility the last step toward implementing a business application. Instead, they see it as the first and most crucial step for developing and deploying a comprehensive and effective strategy to create experiences that strengthen relationships:  empower users and engage customers, drive sales and service channels.

Today, increasingly mobile workforce needs more than email and a calendar on their smartphone. They need the ability to access and analyze the same business data they use in the office, when they’re away from the office.

If you’re trying to address some of the major challenges like CRM user adoption, customer data, sales productivity and effectiveness, timely follow-ups of leads or improved lead conversion rates, or minimizing the cost associated with sales staff turnover, then you’ve got a reason to further explore how CRMIT Solutions’ Mobile CRM solution can support your objectives.

With CRMIT SolutionsMobile CRM  stay connected at the speed of business by keeping in touch with your customers from any location. Use every call, every chat, and every connection to successfully engage your customers and deliver a superior customer experience every time.

CRMIT Solutions’ Mobile CRM solution helps connects sales users with the people and information they need to be more productive and efficient. It brings customer data to your finger tips – works with any of the android hand held devices or tablet PCs. It lets you create, view, track and edit any of your CRM data such as contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, notes, tasks, appointments, quotes, orders, analytics and do much more with zero foot print.

With the consistent user interface, you can easily access key customer information using quick look ups or filtered searches ensuring you always have access to the most up to date customer information, while in the office or on the road. This translates to wider customer reach, less turnaround time for responding to customer queries and above all the flexibility to stay connected 24/7.

The Android Application Package (APK) lets you seamlessly download and install mCRM on your phone. And using the Synchronization feature available in mCRM, you can always have the data on your phone so that you keep track of all vital data, saving your valuable time and resources.

Industries like telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retails, manufacturing, financial services, consumer packaged goods, and restaurants can streamline their business with anytime access for their everywhere employees, empower sales force, improve decision making, increase speed and productivity, improve order accuracy, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce operating expenses by creating organization-wide knowledge available in the palm of your hand.

I believe that businesses have a unique opportunity to stand out by discovering that CRMIT SolutionsMobile CRM solution not only drives innovation but creates an ecosystem that can transform and excel customer and employee experiences .


Unlock the Potential of CLOUD @Oracle #CloudWorld Melbourne on March 4, 2014

Cloud applications are changing the way we do business. What’s your strategy? Everyone talks about the benefits of cloud applications, but how many organizations truly realize them? Many businesses are still organized and operate as they did before cloud, before social, before mobile, before big data and analytics arrived. Imagine for a moment what your business would be like if it these technologies were native to your business operations and not an afterthought.

Oracle Cloud WorldYour customers are demanding and expecting cloud options for their technology and business requirements. While the competitive landscape is always changing; there are real opportunities now. Attend Oracle CloudWorld Melbourne, March 4, 2014 and be the part of cloud solutions to explore modern business strategies and practices which will help you build your cloud business and capture these opportunities.

Few industry analytics

  • 78%of sales reps’ time is spent searching for information, and only 22% selling.
  • 3 out of 4 CEOs want marketers to become 100% focused on ROI. But 21% of marketers say their tools are not capable of measuring the right things
  • 91% of service executives believe they are delighting customers, but only 37% of companies scored a customer experience rating of excellent or good
  • 53% of CFOs believe that more than half of their enterprise applications will be delivered through SaaS over the next four years
  • 13% of the world’s employees are emotionally invested in and focused on creating value for their organizations every day. To succeed, businesses need to engage the talented employees that drive innovation
  • 61% of developers believe a portion of their IT resources will move to the public cloud within the next year
  • 75% say their ability to innovate using their cloud apps has been hindered. The main hindrance is a lack of cloud app integration.

CRMIT Solutions' area of expertiseOracle CloudWorld  will help you focus on these above area of expertise in tracks for sales (sell smarter), marketing (transform marketing), customer service (modernize the customer service), finance and operations (modernize the back office), human resources (modernize HR), information technology (drive IT innovation) and development professionals (evolve development). Benefit from the experience of others in quick-paced sessions and real-world case studies.

CRMIT Solutions (an Oracle Platinum Partner) pioneers in Cloud based Customer Experience (CX) Solutions is glad to be associated with  Oracle CloudWorld Melbourne on March 4, 2014 as one of the Gold Sponsors  with a mission to be the part of a very critical discussion on

Go Social: Listen, publish, engage and analyze to respond to your existing and potential customer
Go Cloud: Seamlessly integrate & connect data from hybrid and silo systems to a unified cloud solution
GO Mobile: Experience every call, every chat, and every message to successfully engage your customers – every time

CRMIT Solutions at Oracle Cloud World

CRMIT Solutions also brings to all the Oracle CloudWorld attendees a chance to win Social Assurance Workshop. The objective of the Workshop is to provide management with an independent assessment relating to the effectiveness of controls over the enterprise’s social media policies and processes.

CRMIT Solutions' Social Assurance Workshop

The workshop will focus on governance, policies, procedures, training and awareness functions related to social media.

  • Strategy and governance—policies and frameworks
  • People—training and awareness
  • Processes
  • Technology

At Oracle CloudWorld you’ll better understand how cloud—with mobile and social technologies—is driving massive change in how enterprises interact with customers, prospects, partners, and employees

You’ll get the information and the tools that will work best for you. You can see the future of your business at Oracle CloudWorld Melbourne.

So be the part of this revolution!

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