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Optimize your Oracle RightNow CX with a Global Support Program

Global Support Program

Oracle RightNow CX environment is a strategic component of your business. While the responsibility of keeping the product up and running remains with Oracle’s trusted practices, the burden of optimizing the tool for your specific business configurations falls on you.

CRMIT’s Global Support Program is designed to support you to triage an issue in the midst of critical production problems or could support you to migrate your RightNow deployment to the latest version of Agent Desktop or Customer Portal Version. In a nutshell it is designed to meet all your RightNow support needs like

Support Program for Oracle RightNow

Oracle RightNow Support

Potential Integration

Knowledge Management

Implement an effective knowledge management solution by streamlining knowledge creation, capture, storage, sharing and usage process by leveraging RightNow features like knowledge base, workflows, propose, guided assistance and smart assistant.

Incident Management

Configure your email based ticketing system to enable quick & accurate responses to your customers by leveraging all standard RightNow features like SLA management, guided assistance, smart assistant, knowledge base, queues and standard texts.

Chat Management

Configure real-time chat that delivers proven results, including higher customer satisfaction, increased conversion, and improved efficiency. Live chat software provides an easy and effective way to engage a customer in the purchase process or when they need assistance solving an issue.

3rd Party Integration

Computer telephony integration (CTI)

Computer telephony integration (CTI) and desktop call control add-ins are also used to enable CTI screen pop and softphone functionality within the agent desktop, further enhancing agent productivity. Oracle RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service integrates with leading telephony systems to enable this functionality.

Twitter Integration

RightNow CX  integration for Twitter is an extension to Oracle RightNow Social Experience capabilities and enables the RightNow platform to instantly generate and distribute pre scripted response to queries / feedbacks posted by customers and consumers via Twitter

Skype Integration

Skype connector for RightNow CX enables Skype Call and Skype Message. These entities are used for storing information about Skype activities. Also it extends Contact entity by adding a new field for storing Skype username.

Oracle RightNow Specialized Partner

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Maximize the benefits of CRM with CRM Health Check Program

CRM Health Check

In today’s uncertain economies, companies are facing challenges with the accelerated and ever changing customer demands. With these changes, it is vital that you maximize the capabilities of your current CRM business processes and applications to maximise your ROI. However, 55% of the CRM initiatives fail to meet measurable business objectives. So, if you think your CRM system is lagging your business, it’s the right time for a CRM Health Check.

CRM Are you getting everything out of our CRM, today?

CRMIT Solutions offers CRM Health Check Program to provide your business, with the critical insights on your CRM performance. Certified CRM Consultants are deployed within your organization to assess, analyze and recommend on integrating every business process with the CRM environment. The Health Check Program is followed by a CRM Health Check Report which includes practical yet inexpensive recommendation to optimize on the CRM investments.

CRM HealthCheck Features


  • Business Goals & Performance targets
  • Configurations & performance bottlenecks
  • Reports and dashboards


  • Existing business process
  • Data Accuracy & information gaps
  • User Adoption
  • Reports and dashboards


CRM HealthCheck Benefits

  • Decrease Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of CRM systems
  • Drive more – out of the information residing in your CRM systems to enable faster access and accurate decision making
  • Foster tighter collaboration among internal (departments) and external (partners and customers) stakeholders
  • Align, standardize or redesign the business processes to realize your business goals and enhance your operational efficiency

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Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Solutions

Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Solution

The changing nature of the Life Sciences Industry continues to challenge Life Science sales representatives to become more efficient, more knowledgeable and approach their interactions in a meaningful and defined way. CRM applications must be flexible and constantly improving to address these types of changing needs.

Oracle delivers key functionality built specifically for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, and medical device enterprises. Oracle provides a complete CRM on demand Life Sciences solution at the lowest cost from one single provider and delivers industry-leading portfolio of features and functionality. For Life Science companies, these features improve overall sales team efficiency, enable deeper business insight, institutionalize knowledge of customers, and continue to enable a defined and customer-facing approach with the ability to analyze results and interaction plans that maximize future performance.

Below are the five processes which are very specific to Life Science Organization/ Life Science Professionals and are seamlessly addressed by Oracle CRM On Demand.

1. Call Planning/ Tracking

The day of a Life Sciences field sales professionals starts with call planning. Oracle CRM On Demand provides features like Mass Call Planning which supports health care professionalsto to plan the calls. While making bulk call planning, the option to capture the best calling times/ day of the week would come as a quick automated way to plan and track the calls. Smart Call Template feature enables the Life Sciences Professionals to spend more time on the field and less time on the system without compromising on the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning.

2. Capturing key customer information to meet regulatory guidelines

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in United States and similar agencies in other countries demands a certain set of the customer information  to meet its regulatory guidelines and so it is imperative for Life Sciences Organizations to capture the required information. Oracle CRM On Demand  makes it easy to capture such information like products details during the call, samples dropped, samples requested, message plans, responses, capturing the acknowledgments etc.

3. Managing Samples

The major pharmaceutical manufacturers provide free samples to health care professionals as part of their regular field sales activities. In the U.S, samples distribution is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and must be reconciled at least once a year. With Oracle CRM On Demand Samples Management Feature, Samples Administrator can set up and maintain a sample inventory, and monitor samples delivery, transfers, receipts, discrepancies, adjustments, and inventory counts. Also, field sales professionals can track an electronic inventory of the samples stock, create sample transfers, acknowledge receipt of sample transfers, and adjust inventory balances for reconciliation purposes. This functionality allows the pharmaceutical companies to measure and monitor the sample drops at every level of the organization.

4. Managing customer presentations

One of the main challenges in Life Sciences Industry is  the distribution of the the marketing message across the field sales force. With Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition, marketing organization can create closed loop marketing messages with the feature called Personalized Content Delivery. It enables marketing and sales organizations to manage digital content, create messaging plans and distribute these messaging plans to field executives. Life Sciences sales professionals can then deliver tailored presentations to customers/ physicians while automatically capturing customer response metrics (based on customer response) shall be passed to marketing for analysis.

5. Managing events

The event management feature of Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition help to plan and track events – lunch and learning sessions or a complex seminar series or national-sales meeting for an organization. Also, it allows tracking invitees to the event and storing feedback about the event invitation.

Apart from all the above benefits,  CRM On Demand also support the other general business objectives like business planning, managing analytics, performing activities assessments and so on.


Inputs from:
Suresh  Ponniah
Principal Consultant CX/CRM, CRMIT Solutions

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CRMIT Solutions opens new Customer Experience Center in Atlanta

CRMIT's New Customer Experince Center in Atlanta Rapid growth on our flagship Customer Experience expertise takes CRMIT to Atlanta with a new Customer Experience Center. This new location will allow CRMIT to better serve existing and future customers in Central and East Coast.

CRMIT solution is currently headquartered in Bay Area, California and has seen significant growth in cloud computing practices as it continues to expand. We  supports our global customers spread over 25 countries, through our subsidiaries in Australia, USA, Europe, Malaysia, India and Middle East. With the rapid growth on our flagship Customer Experience expertise, CRMIT has also opened a new Customer Experience Center in Atlanta.  This new location will allow CRMIT to remain agile and add resources in key geographies to extend focused and immediate support to existing and future customers across Central and East Coast.

The new Customer Experience Center will offer comprehensive cloud & CX solutions to help customers address their business challenges and increase their competitiveness. With 200+ certified CRM/CX consultants and 250+ successful cloud CRM deployments across 25 countries globally, CRMIT Solutions offers companies to enable their customer journey from everywhere the customer belongs, across both assisted & self-assisted channels including web, social, mobile, and contact center channels.

CRMIT Solutions is celebrating the 10 years of excellence in the business of cloud based Customer Experience solutions and listed amongst CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Cloud Computing Companies”. Also recognized as the largest cloud based CRM deployment partners with several leading Fortune 100 companies spread globally across various domains including banking, financial services, insurance, education, retail, manufacturing, life sciences, energy, telecom, public sector and travel and transportation. CRMIT Solutions has successfully accomplished 24,000+ hrs of CRM training engagements globally.

As an established Oracle® Platinum Partner and a proven track record, CRMIT Solutions demonstrates a commitment to excellence with certified skills in Oracle® cloud-based customer sales, marketing & Service solution. CRMIT Solutions’ extensive domain experience, technological excellence and stress on timely responses are the key differentiators. Through a global delivery model and structured methodologies, CRMIT Solutions delivers innovative cloud based CRM solutions worldwide with 100% customer satisfaction.

“Our goal is to provide the best customer experience solutions wherever our clients are in the world, and where opportunities exist for increasing our client base.  Everything we do – every order, every delivery, every service, every offering – centers on the satisfaction of our customers, and making them more efficient at what they do. With this vision, we are delighted to expand our presence in the dynamic and exciting US market to further support our clients’ business needs and drive innovation within the industry.” said Vinod Reddy, Founder and CEO, CRMIT Solutions.