Maximize the benefits of CRM with CRM Health Check Program

CRM Health Check

In today’s uncertain economies, companies are facing challenges with the accelerated and ever changing customer demands. With these changes, it is vital that you maximize the capabilities of your current CRM business processes and applications to maximise your ROI. However, 55% of the CRM initiatives fail to meet measurable business objectives. So, if you think your CRM system is lagging your business, it’s the right time for a CRM Health Check.

CRM Are you getting everything out of our CRM, today?

CRMIT Solutions offers CRM Health Check Program to provide your business, with the critical insights on your CRM performance. Certified CRM Consultants are deployed within your organization to assess, analyze and recommend on integrating every business process with the CRM environment. The Health Check Program is followed by a CRM Health Check Report which includes practical yet inexpensive recommendation to optimize on the CRM investments.

CRM HealthCheck Features


  • Business Goals & Performance targets
  • Configurations & performance bottlenecks
  • Reports and dashboards


  • Existing business process
  • Data Accuracy & information gaps
  • User Adoption
  • Reports and dashboards


CRM HealthCheck Benefits

  • Decrease Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of CRM systems
  • Drive more – out of the information residing in your CRM systems to enable faster access and accurate decision making
  • Foster tighter collaboration among internal (departments) and external (partners and customers) stakeholders
  • Align, standardize or redesign the business processes to realize your business goals and enhance your operational efficiency

2 thoughts on “Maximize the benefits of CRM with CRM Health Check Program

    1. Historically we are one of the leading CRM consulting partners. We believe a CRM health check is always essential for any organization. A health check may include data synchronization, integration, reports and dashboards etc.

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