Oracle Cloud Marketplace, an Innovation Ecosystem for Partners and Customers


Oracle has one of the largest partner communities in the technology space. Thousands of partners are reselling, implementing, integration and building products for various Oracle business solutions.

CRMIT has worked closely with number of Oracle CX products and we have built many applications in our CRM++ umbrella, which are now being used by thousands of cloud users. For example, our CRM++ Email Workbench is used by service and sales organizations to centralize all customer communications, our CRM++ Self Service Portal is used by organizations who want to provide the capability to their customers to look for information and raise issues in web channel, our CRM++ mCRM solution is used to implement various mobile specific use cases of our customers.

While these products are extremely useful to our clients, the recent introduction of Oracle Cloud Marketplace has made it a breeze for CRMIT to deploy these solutions, and for customers to search, find, compare, purchase and use.

Oracle Marketplace is an unified environment where customers of Oracle CX solutions can register, login, browse resources, browse partners and browse applications. They can even search or browse applications using categories such as Sales, Service, Marketing, Social etc.

Once the application selection is made, users can click on the apps to read more about them. If there are any questions, they can discuss or raise a question to the developer. Existing customers of these applications can rate them which would help others to decide.

Recently, Oracle introduced the capability to directly purchase the application from the Marketplace. Means, if you have an Oracle CX solution, you can purchase applications in one click and they will be deployed in Oracle’s own secure cloud. An intuitive admin interface provides ways for customers to set up their applications and they can start running them quickly.

This is a great opportunity for Oracle Partners who build Oracle Cloud CX based solutions. They can reach out to thousands of Cloud CX customers by listing their applications in the Marketplace. Oracle takes care of deployment, payment and the infrastructure aspects.

For the customers too, it is a great option. As this entire solution works on social principles, the best applications will always show on top and customers have the option to discuss, decide and purchase from one place. Their payment process will also be smooth as they are existing Oracle Customers and they would be continuing the same with few additional charges for new features via purchased applications.

To summarize, we believe Oracle Cloud Marketplace will transform the way business applications are publicized, validated, compared, bought and used. Great days ahead!

About CRMIT Solutions:

CRMIT Solutions is a leader in transforming businesses with cloud based Customer Experience (CX) solutions on sales, service, marketing & social cloud.

Cloud Service demands encouraged CRMIT Solutions to publish CX solutions on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The applications available cover a broad range of CX functions from web assisted services and telephony solutions, to more complex services such as implementation, user adoption, and data management, marketing automation, social relationship and testing.

“We see customer demands go to the cloud. We are seeing more & more customers move rapidly to the cloud. They want to buy applications, platforms and infrastructure in the cloud. Oracle has led the way – the only ones to provide every layer of the cloud technology stack in a single, integrated cloud. This has helped partners leverage the latest in cloud technologies to grow their businesses. The Oracle Cloud Marketplace enables partners to quickly and easily develop, integrate, publish, and monetize their applications.  We are glad to publish a range of Customer Experience applications & services on the Cloud Marketplace, “ said Vinod Reddy, Founder and CEO, CRMIT Solutions.

To view CRMIT’s CX Applications on Oracle Cloud Marketplace, please refer : Oracle Cloud Marketplace


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