Driving Sales by Leveraging Analytics with Oracle Sales Cloud

Sales Analytics

So what does it take to give an accurate forecasting?

For an organization, it’s important that the sales rep achieve their numbers (the one they predicted). It’s known fact that underachieving is dangerous. It is equally true, though may not be agreed upon that overachieving (with higher margin) is equally dangerous. Though we can applaud, for overachieving, but we cannot undermine the cause – effect. The entire SCM planning would go for a spin, which could equally lead to damage to the brand.

Though, we should encourage the Sales Team to overachieve the numbers, but we should ensure that is predicted well in time. Oracle Sales Cloud Analytics facilitates the same.

The sales cloud dashboard gives a comprehensive view of the data. The commonly configure reports are Actual Vs Quota this is view which enables you to view what is the gap between your forecast and actual. There are various support reports like Top Open Deals, Pipeline, Team performance and Push Counter. The Push Counter reports shows the deals that have been pushed from the last quarter to the current.

Oracle Sales Cloud analytics

Following are the key feature added in oracle Sales Cloud 8:


The new Sales Dashboard contains pre-built reports and charts that help you sell more. These reports provide insights into your open pipeline, deals that moved out of the current quarter, team performance, and historical opportunity trends. You can tailor these reports for sales executives, sales managers, or sales representatives.


You can now create custom reports to track the historical progression of opportunities across sales stages. Review daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly revenue trends; and further analyze revenue trends by product, resource or territory.


You can now analyze forecast trends and compare the forecast to key analytics such as pipeline, won revenue, and quota. Forecast metrics will remain historically consistent and accurate across forecasting periods even if product or territory hierarchies change.


You can tailor the Oracle Sales Cloud simplified UI to show standard or custom reports where your sales team needs them most. Use Page Composer to embed actionable reports on the following pages:

Analytics Page: The Analytics homepage includes eight subtabs for reports. The first three subtabs show standard reports. The other five subtabs are customizable, but hidden and blank by default.

List Pages: The Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts list pages include three subtabs for reports. These tabs are customizable, but hidden and blank by default.

Detail Pages: The Leads Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts detail pages include three subtabs for reports. These tabs are customizable, but hidden and blank by default.


You can now use these preconfigured reports to measure your sales performance:

Leads: Team’s Leads, My Leads by Age, and My Open Leads by Source.

Opportunities: My Team’s Performance, My Team’s Pipeline, My Team’s Leadership Board, My

Performance, My Pipeline, Top Open Opportunities, Sales Performance Trend, and Sales Stages by Age.

Accounts: My Top Accounts.

Forecast: Forecast Compared with Quota, Team Forecast Compared with Team Open Pipeline, and My Forecast Compared with My Open Pipeline.

Partners: Partner Performance, Open Pipeline, Partner Leadership Board, and Partner Win Rate.10


The following two new subject areas allow you to create custom reports on opportunity team and opportunity contact:

Sales – CRM Opportunity Team

Sales – CRM Opportunity Contact

These subject areas include the details about the role of the team members and the role of the contact on each opportunity. These subject areas also allow you to generate a report of a summary view of all the opportunities involving a team member or a contact.


The following new subject area allows you to create custom reports on Account Team:

Sales – CRM Account Team

This subject area includes the details about the role of the team members on each account. The subject area also allows you to generate a report of a summary view of all the accounts involving a team member.


With the new contact model enhancements, you can create custom reports about standard contact attributes, such as job title, sales affinity, and relationships between accounts and contacts.

The Contact model now uses the same security rules as the Contact object in Oracle Sales Cloud. This ensures that you can see the contact data in the report only if you have access to the contact data.


Audit reporting allows you to track the usage of the Oracle Sales Cloud application. With audit reports, you can see who made what changes in the application and when. You can also configure your reports to control who can view the audit information.


Using the Attribute Analysis report, you can determine which customer attributes are important for lead generation and qualification based on data quality. The Association Model report provides critical information.

About CRMIT Solutions:

CRMIT Solutions is a leader in transforming businesses with cloud based Customer Experience (CX) solutions on sales, service, marketing & social cloud.

CRMIT Solutions has achieved OPN Specialized status for Oracle Sales Cloud –Oracle Recognizes CRMIT Solutions for Expertise in Implementing Oracle Sales Cloud. CRMIT Solutions Offers A Host of Solutions on Oracle Sales Cloud, Including Consulting, Sales Planning, Social Sales, Customer Data Enrichment, Field Sales Automation, User Adoption, Training, Health Checks and Testing.

CRMIT Solutions deliver a Fixed Scope Implementation offering for Oracle Sales Cloud to fast track sales productivity. Fixed Scope Offering leverages Oracle best practices and agile approach for fast track implementation of Oracle Sales Cloud – Go Live in less than 4 weeks. It drives sales productivity through higher win rates, forecast accuracy, and lead conversion.

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Anitha Thangaraja
Sales & Marketing
CRMIT Solutions

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