Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Field Service for Customer Experience Excellence

Field Service ManagementLeveraging Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Field Service to provide world-class Customer Experience

You are an Organization that sells and services A/C units to various Consumers, what are the typical Complaints you face

  • I’ve purchased the A/C and waiting for over two days for it to be installed
  • Don’t buy this product, the service is pathetic, I would give a thumb down to this product (Social Media Post)
  • My warranty requires you to come and service me regularly, why is it not yet done?
  • Your engineer came to my home and told me that he would need to replace this part for which stock is not available and would need to wait for another 2 days, what the hell? It’s freaking hot here….

And More….More…..

Customers can raise an installation request/ complaint from multiple channels and there is a need for your back office staff to either respond to the request or assign it to a field service engineer to go to the Customer’s premises and cater to the installation request/ complaint

There are many products in the market that do this in silos, a Contact center solution to take complaints and a field service system to take care of the fulfillment process. While you can build connectors to these two systems, there is a need for a real-time data without any interruption to daily work.

There is a question that comes to mind, is there a single framework that can perform all these operations?

Well, the answer is Service Cloud portfolio of Oracle which has Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Field Service tightly integrated within a single unified framework to provide the right Customer Experience.

How does it work? Let me explain with an example

Tim (The Customer) goes to a retail store and picks up your companies A/C unit, the Order information and would then be notified as an installation request in Oracle Service Cloud along with Tim’s contact details, Amy (Back office agent) would then go and look at the installation request, contact Tim and check his availability for sending an engineer to install the A/C unit, Tim would provide the timing, based on which Amy would input the information in Oracle Service Cloud. Oracle Field Service would take this information and consider certain parameters such as nature of service, area, the location of the Customer and availability of the resources, display a schedule to Amy. Amy would check the availability based on the timing suggested by Tim and see that Mark (Service Engineer) is the person available and confirm to Tim that a Service Engineer named Mark would come and install the A/C unit. Once the call is disconnected, an email and SMS notification would go to Tim with the confirmation request and details of Mark. The installation request is then assigned to Mark.

Mark is on the field and would use the Oracle Field Service mobile application to view the details and checks the location details that come on map, Field Service tracker would also display him the shortest route to the location, he goes and installs the A/C unit for Tim and updates the installation request. Tim then gets a confirmation message based on which the request is closed and a feedback survey is sent to Tim from Oracle Service cloud, Tim provides the feedback and based on the feedback Oracle Service Cloud has got inbuilt intelligence to identify as to whether the Customer is happy or not.

Is it all, no, A/C is more about continuous servicing, Tim has a warranty with your Company and creating and maintaining the preventive maintenance schedule in your system is very critical. Oracle Field Service allows you to maintain the preventive maintenance for the products; the schedules would automatically create work orders in Oracle Service Cloud. This would help the back office agent to view the details and arrange a service visit for the field engineers using Oracle field Service.

If there are any spare parts to be replaced at any given time frame, those details also can be recorded using Oracle Field Service and tagged along with your preventive maintenance schedule.

In a nutshell, Oracle Service Cloud provides cross-channel customer experience where the communication can happen from multiple channels and Oracle field service would help in the field service engineers coming and fulfilling your Customer’s needs based on a defined set of SLAs. Together, a world-class Customer Experience is delivered.


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