How can you leverage your email marketing capabilities with AI?

Marketing AIAs a modern marketer, you’ve probably spent ample time and effort in determining the right content and promotions to offer in multi-channel campaigns, along with the right times and cadence. With all the channels available to the marketers for creating awareness of a new/existing product or offers related to the product, email marketing still stands out as the most preferred channel in terms of the success rates (open rates, click through rates) that it generates. But while all the companies have been jumping on the email marketing bandwagon over the years, you would always like to know the key parameters that might help revolutionize your email marketing with better ROI. Also, you would like to explore how artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning can be leveraged to create personalized email campaigns.

Key Parameters for a better Email
Most of the digital marketers are well aware of the key factors that would motivate a prospect to open an Email. The factors are like the date and time of emails-delivered, the frequency of updating the target Segments & recipient lists, the subject line of emails, the call-to-action (CTA) and the email body. These are the data points that may be useful for the Marketer to generate curiosity to open and click emails. It eventually helps a marketer to generate better ROI and business revenue.

The Next level of Email Marketing- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help in creating a virtual simulation of email subscribers and predict impressions, clicks and conversion rates. AI and ML platforms enable usage of natural language processing technology to predict and recommend subject lines, email bodies, and call-to-actions. This predictive personalization capability can also be used to recommend personalized images based on how customers have reacted to similar images previously. This AI technology enables you to learn more quickly what combination of keywords will perform best in the form of a ‘word cloud’, graph and stimulation curves. It will also alleviate a lot of the time for you and your team spend working on A/B testing and allow you to expand to greater variations of testing elements.
Predictive Intelligence

Some common yet unavoidable recommendations
In the initial stage of the learning process, the program can predict some recommendations which can help you to make changes in your current marketing program –
• Appropriate keywords used in the subject line sets the right expectations on the relevance of the email content, creating a better open rate
• Information on the needs and demands of the target customer segments help in the usage of the right keywords. Punctuations like Exclamation (!), Ellipsis (…), question mark (?)in the subject line might just trigger the right emotions and connect more with the human senses
• Mentioning the name of the recipient can trigger better open rates compared to the normal subject line
• Short and attractive subject lines are more fruitful than lengthier ones
• The number of days in the week, which days in the week the emails are sent are factors which help in ensuring the email gets delivered at the right time and gets the attention from recipients

With Predictive Lead Management, you can make may such recommendations with deeper insights which will eventually help your organization to grow the business and generate more revenue from email marketing.

predictive marketing

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