Oracle Powerful, Affordable, Hi-Tech Industry Specialized Solutions

The economy-sensitive high technology industry is facing challenging business and consumer markets. With many competitors chasing the same customers with the very same products, high-tech companies are finding it difficult to provide quality customer service. Built around best-in-class CRM, commerce and industry solutions, only Oracle Cloud Solutions combines Sales, Marketing, Web and Social experiences enabling … Continue reading Oracle Powerful, Affordable, Hi-Tech Industry Specialized Solutions

Free Webinar: Creating Meaningful Customer Experience with Unified CX Solutions

Customer experience is the set of perceptions a customer has with a company throughout the buying and owning interactions. Positive customer experiences enable businesses to attract more, retain more, sell more, sell for more, and do more. To understand and help organization optimize and excel customer experience, CRMIT Solutions in association with Oracle is organizing … Continue reading Free Webinar: Creating Meaningful Customer Experience with Unified CX Solutions

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Touch Tour!

We at CRMIT Solutions take pride in participating in the 2nd edition of the Touch Tour Mobile APP Conference & Workshop, scheduled to be held on 17th & 18th of November, 2012 at Tidel Park, Chennai. This conference is jointly organized by Microsoft, which is the platinum sponsor and 5 User Group India & Pluralsight, … Continue reading Welcome to the 2nd edition of Touch Tour!

Market Segmentation & Mass Emailing

In the last few months, I observe that Email Newsletters from Indian Brands are improving a lot, in terms of design / look and feel / quality of content etc., However, these mails are not targeted right / smart. Most of them (even the biggest brands) still treat this as a pure, high power Mass … Continue reading Market Segmentation & Mass Emailing

Sports and CRM

Sports & CRM Applications : This Works Great Don’t feel surprised if an organization suddenly seems much more familiar with your tastes and preferences. Yes, this is actually grabbing attention these days. Recently, a well-known professional baseball team from Boston deployed a Sports CRM app. It rolled out the application in luxury sales only, which … Continue reading Sports and CRM

Beware Of Inactive Inboxes

We have a curious problem in our apartment, Not something which can be resolved by calling a plumber or electrician. There are 8 flats in this apartment and we have a small association of owners. We meet once in a while and discuss things such as maintenance fee, current issues, possible solutions etc., In paper, … Continue reading Beware Of Inactive Inboxes

What To Monitor In A Tweet?

One out of every three Twitter users talk about brands in their tweets and that’s a fact. This is a good way to keep an eye on your brand. A tweet may look very small and even insignificant, but actually there are so many things that you can monitor in a single tweet. There is … Continue reading What To Monitor In A Tweet?