Marketing to Digital Natives

A digital native is a person born during or after the general introduction of digital technologies, says Wikipedia. They interact with digital technology from a very young age, and hence their comfort level on using them is very high. They grew up with technology and are quite comfortable to make the required adjustments to master … Continue reading Marketing to Digital Natives

Human Dynamics in the IT corporate world

Business prepositions are changing, day to day and people are looking for external help to build their sales force to bring in new clients for the purpose of sustaining their existing revenues and also for their future growth. Anticipating high risks and vulnerability for any untoward exigencies with readiness is crucial for the sustenance of … Continue reading Human Dynamics in the IT corporate world

CEM : Customer Experience Management

Yesterday I had a casual lunch conversation with one of my colleagues and the topic of "Online Purchases" came up. He quoted a particular website and said "Their website is good, but the way they run their buses, it is horrible to say the least!" I was surprised, because to my knowledge that website doesn't … Continue reading CEM : Customer Experience Management

User Experience Of Oracle Fusion CRM

One of the major attractions (and useful features) of Oracle Fusion CRM is, its User Experience. The entire user pages are split into multiple areas such as: Global Area (Common Tools and Services) Regional Area (Specific Tools) Local Area (Transactions, Information, Actions) Contextual Area (Additional Information on what we are doing) For example, let us … Continue reading User Experience Of Oracle Fusion CRM