What To Monitor In A Tweet?

One out of every three Twitter users talk about brands in their tweets and that’s a fact. This is a good way to keep an eye on your brand. A tweet may look very small and even insignificant, but actually there are so many things that you can monitor in a single tweet. There is … Continue reading What To Monitor In A Tweet?

Clarity In Communication

Saw a newspaper advertisement for a general insurance service, with the following text prominently displayed: No Claim Bonus Of course, people in the insurance industry / those who bought insurance / made claims earlier will immediately understand this as: If you don't make any claims in the policy period, you get a bonus However, assuming … Continue reading Clarity In Communication

Listening To Customers : Very Valuable!

Here is a wonderful CRM story I read today, about listening to your customers! J Sainsbury Plc, a London based prominent retailer has recently decided to chang the name of their "Tiger" bread to "Giraffe" bread. Reason? Feedback from a customer! So, what's new? Everyone listens to customer feedback, once in a while they change … Continue reading Listening To Customers : Very Valuable!


Sugar CRM conducts a conference called SugarCon and they are promoting it heavily through various channels. Today I got an Email about this conference and found a curious announcement there: To be frank, there is nothing new in this scheme: All major conferences invite experts to present sessions It is quite common to ask them … Continue reading SmartCon

Visual Navigation Of Customer Support Calls

Today I noticed an interesting question in Quora (http://www.quora.com/How-long-will-it-be-until-I-can-navigate-automated-customer-service-calls-visually) about Visual Navigation of Customer Support Calls How long will it be until I can navigate automated customer service calls visually? My phone has a screen on it. I don't want to listen carefully to your menu options, even if they have recently changed. Very interesting … Continue reading Visual Navigation Of Customer Support Calls

Customer Feedback

What a way to start the day! We just received this feedback from one of our clients (A major financial organization from South Africa) regarding an Oracle CRM On Demand (CRMOD) implementation we are doing for them, Wanted to share it with everyone: I would just like to say that you guys have completely blown … Continue reading Customer Feedback

Should You Wait For Customers To Complain?

Yesterday was the last date to pay our daughters’ school term fees. Usually I take care of these things well in advance, but somehow, I missed it this time and remembered it on the very last day. This school accepts only Cash payments, no online transfer possible, someone has to go there physically and make … Continue reading Should You Wait For Customers To Complain?

Handling “Contact Us”

Today I found an interesting question in quora.com: How do large and small networks handle the influx of "Contact Us" messages? Are there volunteers that screen and answer complaints and questions? Or is there an online "call" center that handles such traffic? Is this outsourced? And what's the best strategy for a small network to … Continue reading Handling “Contact Us”

Service Feedback Case Study: Redbus.in

A small case study on collecting "Service Feedback", by our Senior Director Naga Chokkanathan: Redbus.in is a very famous Indian portal for booking bus tickets. It got (and continues to get) lot of media publicity (mostly free) and as a result, grew from an unknown entity to a well known and trusted brand in a … Continue reading Service Feedback Case Study: Redbus.in