Who benefits from Loyalty cards issued by big-box retailers?

I am sure that everyone who reads this article would minimally have a dozen of loyalty cards of retailers they visit but not many wouldn’t have really thought through on who really benefits from it. My strong opinion is Loyalty cards are more beneficial to the retailer than you. I have summarized my views both from India … Continue reading Who benefits from Loyalty cards issued by big-box retailers?

Sports and CRM

Sports & CRM Applications : This Works Great Don’t feel surprised if an organization suddenly seems much more familiar with your tastes and preferences. Yes, this is actually grabbing attention these days. Recently, a well-known professional baseball team from Boston deployed a Sports CRM app. It rolled out the application in luxury sales only, which … Continue reading Sports and CRM

Clarity In Communication

Saw a newspaper advertisement for a general insurance service, with the following text prominently displayed: No Claim Bonus Of course, people in the insurance industry / those who bought insurance / made claims earlier will immediately understand this as: If you don't make any claims in the policy period, you get a bonus However, assuming … Continue reading Clarity In Communication