Human Dynamics in the IT corporate world

Business prepositions are changing, day to day and people are looking for external help to build their sales force to bring in new clients for the purpose of sustaining their existing revenues and also for their future growth. Anticipating high risks and vulnerability for any untoward exigencies with readiness is crucial for the sustenance of … Continue reading Human Dynamics in the IT corporate world

Creating a Corporate Empire of Excellence

With ever changing world market situations and economic policies of developing nations, there is an enormous speed & pace which is required to sustain in today’s competitive world of business which has a phenomenal change when compared to earlier days of 1990s. Countries have moved out of barter systems of mighty mahanzadoro Harappa civilizations and … Continue reading Creating a Corporate Empire of Excellence

Why New Business Models For US Banks?

Reportedly, second and third quarter was an impressive period of significant improvements for US banks, but still we get to hear some news about the stocks of large banks that declined by more than 20 percent. This is happening since the beginning of the third quarter and four out of every five people are trading … Continue reading Why New Business Models For US Banks?

Leaders : Listeners

Recently, We found an interesting article in the net (not sure which one is the original source, it is found in many websites now :-P), and circulated it internally: Today's leaders don't have all the answers. (How can they?) But they know how to find the answers and, more importantly, they know how to help … Continue reading Leaders : Listeners