Click Asia Summit 2012

Whether you are an online marketer, agency executive, brand owner, SEO architect or a digital media expert, if you are really looking out for a prospect to come together and discover the possibilities of mobile and digital marketing in Asia, then Click Asia Summit 2012 can certainly be your one-stop show. With Social Media and … Continue reading Click Asia Summit 2012

Evernote Hello : A Personal CRM

I’m sure many of us encounter memory loss incidents either at a social gathering, shopping where we see a familiar person. It takes us time to recollect who they are and where we have met them. In this process we either do not step forward to communicate with that person or even if we dare … Continue reading Evernote Hello : A Personal CRM

Leaders : Listeners

Recently, We found an interesting article in the net (not sure which one is the original source, it is found in many websites now :-P), and circulated it internally: Today's leaders don't have all the answers. (How can they?) But they know how to find the answers and, more importantly, they know how to help … Continue reading Leaders : Listeners


Communication is a constant problem for any company. Even if you are proactive and send the right message at the right time, what is the assurance that people will actually read it? There are many problems that get created because customers just miss to read important messages. We can't blame them too, they are suffering … Continue reading Visualize!

A CRM Fairy Tale

Recently I attended a teleconference with a prospect. We were trying to suggest CRM as a solution to their current business pain points, they appreciated our approach, but were not sure if it will really solve their problem. One person in particular raised some very basic doubts, like 'Do we really need CRM?' It sounds … Continue reading A CRM Fairy Tale