Hidden Pricing Power

Donald V. Potter discusses many tips on pricing, in his classic article "Discovering Hidden Pricing Power", published in "Business Horizons" magazine, during November, December 2000. His inputs to go beyond the standard rate cards, % discounting, fixed price and T&M models, so that you have the edge when trying to make that sale. Here are … Continue reading Hidden Pricing Power

CRMOD Safari @ Africa

One of our biggest customers in African region went live this week. Great to see them running their insurance sales processes using Oracle CRM On Demand #CRMOD customized and implemented by our wonderful team. As always, our customer sent these bouquets of appreciation about our work, Sharing the excitement with you: Team CRMIT, We went … Continue reading CRMOD Safari @ Africa

CRMIT implements Oracle Fusion CRM

CRMIT, one of the largest Saas CRM implementation specialists has chosen Oracle Fusion CRM for its global sales operations. Fusion CRM is Oracle's newest customer relationship management solution, with an industry standard, futuristic architecture, a master tool that will facilitate in effectively managing the lifecycle of opportunities end-to-end. CRMIT’s sales team will be using Oracle … Continue reading CRMIT implements Oracle Fusion CRM

Ready for Fusion Wave!

With our experience and unmatched expertise in the domain of SaaS CRM Deployments, CRMIT has built a dedicatedCenterofExcellencefor Fusion CRM deployments, with consultants certified by Oracle, on various domains of Fusion CRM Applications. Being one of the early adopters of Fusion CRM, we have built a detailed approach and process for our client deployments of … Continue reading Ready for Fusion Wave!

CEM : Customer Experience Management

Yesterday I had a casual lunch conversation with one of my colleagues and the topic of "Online Purchases" came up. He quoted a particular website and said "Their website is good, but the way they run their buses, it is horrible to say the least!" I was surprised, because to my knowledge that website doesn't … Continue reading CEM : Customer Experience Management

Customer Management In Oracle Fusion CRM

Oracle Fusion CRM offers various advanced functionalities for business users, however all these can only be utilized if you have a strong Customer database. This article shows you step by step how this is done. Step 1 : Login to Fusion CRM   Step 2 : From the home page, Click on "Navigate > Sales … Continue reading Customer Management In Oracle Fusion CRM

Beware Of Inactive Inboxes

We have a curious problem in our apartment, Not something which can be resolved by calling a plumber or electrician. There are 8 flats in this apartment and we have a small association of owners. We meet once in a while and discuss things such as maintenance fee, current issues, possible solutions etc., In paper, … Continue reading Beware Of Inactive Inboxes

What To Monitor In A Tweet?

One out of every three Twitter users talk about brands in their tweets and that’s a fact. This is a good way to keep an eye on your brand. A tweet may look very small and even insignificant, but actually there are so many things that you can monitor in a single tweet. There is … Continue reading What To Monitor In A Tweet?

Clarity In Communication

Saw a newspaper advertisement for a general insurance service, with the following text prominently displayed: No Claim Bonus Of course, people in the insurance industry / those who bought insurance / made claims earlier will immediately understand this as: If you don't make any claims in the policy period, you get a bonus However, assuming … Continue reading Clarity In Communication

Oracle Fusion CRM : Territory Management

Oracle Fusion CRM provides an easy to use Territory Management module, for sales teams to organize their sales regions into multiple territories, based on various criteria / Dimensions (Example : Geography, Product, Industry, Account etc.,) Once these are decided and the territories are defined, we can attach metrics to them. These are used by the … Continue reading Oracle Fusion CRM : Territory Management