A thousand followers on Twitter for CRMIT Solutions….

Why is this important? Imagine having a captive audience waiting for our information every minute of the day.  By positioning ourselves as an industry expert, we can grow a small community of followers, who will have a direct connection to CRMIT and who recognize us and our business brand!  Twitter provides a great platform to … Continue reading A thousand followers on Twitter for CRMIT Solutions….

Guest Post : Have I Got Your Attention Now?

Admit it.  As consumers, we've all felt frustration . . . the confusing IVR, the long hold, the uncaring support agent, the seemingly Draconian rules that cost time and money.   It’s amazing more people don’t take to violence.  But sometimes they do. Her name is Mona Shaw, a 79 year old with a heart condition.  … Continue reading Guest Post : Have I Got Your Attention Now?

7 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace Social Media, For Selling

From Gleanster's Whitepaper (http://www.sugarcrm.com/sites/default/files/whitepapers/Gleanster-Deep-Dive.pdf ) 1. Adding Value 2. Identifying Key Influencers, Building Relationships 3. Earning a conversation 4. Actively Monitoring Behavior 5. Having a presence on Social Media Channels 6. Establishing a Social Media Policy for Sales 7. Considering the Customer Experience


Sugar CRM conducts a conference called SugarCon and they are promoting it heavily through various channels. Today I got an Email about this conference and found a curious announcement there: To be frank, there is nothing new in this scheme: All major conferences invite experts to present sessions It is quite common to ask them … Continue reading SmartCon

Social Media Q & A

Rypple.com posted some interesting questions regarding usage of Social Media in today's enterprises. I have tried to address them based on our experience in handling Social Media / Social CRM Projects. Please share your thoughts too: What companies are using social media internally? Almost all companies need to adopt this sooner or later. But as … Continue reading Social Media Q & A

Socially skyward…

Whenever one travels by a flight, the primary concern is his/her co-passenger, mainly because one doesn’t have an option to change their seats even if the flight has vacant seats or it doesn’t have frequent stops like other means of transport. This unknown passenger lands up as a point of conversation across chat rooms or … Continue reading Socially skyward…