Market Segmentation & Mass Emailing

In the last few months, I observe that Email Newsletters from Indian Brands are improving a lot, in terms of design / look and feel / quality of content etc., However, these mails are not targeted right / smart. Most of them (even the biggest brands) still treat this as a pure, high power Mass … Continue reading Market Segmentation & Mass Emailing

Beware Of Inactive Inboxes

We have a curious problem in our apartment, Not something which can be resolved by calling a plumber or electrician. There are 8 flats in this apartment and we have a small association of owners. We meet once in a while and discuss things such as maintenance fee, current issues, possible solutions etc., In paper, … Continue reading Beware Of Inactive Inboxes

What To Monitor In A Tweet?

One out of every three Twitter users talk about brands in their tweets and that’s a fact. This is a good way to keep an eye on your brand. A tweet may look very small and even insignificant, but actually there are so many things that you can monitor in a single tweet. There is … Continue reading What To Monitor In A Tweet?

Innovative Newsletter

Recently I got an Email Newsletter which had this subject line : "What To Do With Your Riches From The Facebook IPO?" Obviously, I am not going to get any riches from the Facebook IPO, so I got curious who is writing to me with such a SPAMish, yet cheeky subject line. I started reading … Continue reading Innovative Newsletter

Email Campaigns To Social Campaigns

Lot of buzz about Social Media / Social CRM / Social Campaigns. What is it all about? Our Director Naga Chokkanathan takes a small example and explains how someone can go from zero-to-email-to-social quite easily, all you need is a 'social thinking' mindset: My favorite composer is planning to do a live concert next month, … Continue reading Email Campaigns To Social Campaigns

Target Right

Segmenting your customer base and targeting a right marketing message to each one of them is an important aspect of CRM. Our Director Naga Chokkanathan writes about this with a simple example in this blog post: We have a BPO / Call Center in our building, yesterday I saw a notice there for a “Free … Continue reading Target Right