Legacy Vs Modern Service Desks

Customers have changed, products have changed, the way they interact with the products have changed, then why should the service desk be the same? It is time Legacy service desks move and give way to Modern Service Desk solutions. First Time Resolutions: Earlier, customers being able to connect to companies on their preferred channel itself … Continue reading Legacy Vs Modern Service Desks

Delivering on Customer Experience and Digital Engagement in Insurance Industry

    Insurance is one of the industries with low number of customer touch points. But the business process and the possibilities are so complex, each touch point is a potential nightmare, or a potential opportunity. Customer experience for an insurance prospect starts with translating their requirements into the right insurance product. Many times prospects … Continue reading Delivering on Customer Experience and Digital Engagement in Insurance Industry

New Age Customer Self Service Portals for CRM

Traditionally, CRM self service portals used to be the web support channel for customers. Some companies extended this concept and used such portals for employee management, dealer management etc. However, such use cases are very minimal. Even today, majority of the self service portals in the market focus on these standard functions only: Register / … Continue reading New Age Customer Self Service Portals for CRM

Guest Post : Have I Got Your Attention Now?

Admit it.  As consumers, we've all felt frustration . . . the confusing IVR, the long hold, the uncaring support agent, the seemingly Draconian rules that cost time and money.   It’s amazing more people don’t take to violence.  But sometimes they do. Her name is Mona Shaw, a 79 year old with a heart condition.  … Continue reading Guest Post : Have I Got Your Attention Now?

Oracle RightNow : An Introduction

Today, our CRM Consultant Mr. Suresh conducted an introductory session on Oracle's popular CX Product "RightNow". Sharing our notes from this event, in Mind Map format. Click Here to view the Mind Map in Full Size : http://www.flickr.com/photos/crmit/7870772132/sizes/l/in/photostream/

Customer Experience Management Concept : FCR

FCR = First Call Resolution According to Wikipedia, FCR Means: Percentage of incoming calls that can be resolved without the use of a callback or without having the caller call back the helpdesk to finish resolving the case. You may not be a call center, but it helps to ask this question, What is your … Continue reading Customer Experience Management Concept : FCR

Guest Post : Managing Product Defects, via Exceptional Support

My sister wanted to buy a new refrigerator. I accompanied her to a local store as she wanted to get the feel for the design and physical dimensions before searching for the cheaper prices online. We approached a salesman in the store and detailed our requirements, he has started showing latest models and explained the … Continue reading Guest Post : Managing Product Defects, via Exceptional Support

CRM : Look beyond numbers

Few days back, I got a marketing call from my mobile service provider, they suggested a new bill plan for me. It was very attractive, lot of benefits when compared to my current plan, and the price was also reasonable (Rs 1000). So, I decided to shift to this new plan and gave them my … Continue reading CRM : Look beyond numbers

Guest Post : AmEXperience

There are three organizations I can happily write books on: American Express, Nordstrom and Apple. Amex first. I started using American Express (Amex) credit card in 2002 and since then, their services have always made my experience better. But there are few instances that are worth sharing. Episode 1: I purchased an Apple mouse with … Continue reading Guest Post : AmEXperience

CEM : Customer Experience Management

Yesterday I had a casual lunch conversation with one of my colleagues and the topic of "Online Purchases" came up. He quoted a particular website and said "Their website is good, but the way they run their buses, it is horrible to say the least!" I was surprised, because to my knowledge that website doesn't … Continue reading CEM : Customer Experience Management