CEM : Customer Experience Management

Yesterday I had a casual lunch conversation with one of my colleagues and the topic of "Online Purchases" came up. He quoted a particular website and said "Their website is good, but the way they run their buses, it is horrible to say the least!" I was surprised, because to my knowledge that website doesn't … Continue reading CEM : Customer Experience Management

Stock Of “Kudos”

Oracle Fusion CRM has various interesting features, once of them called "Kudos". You can see this via Navigator > My Portrait. If you don't see Kudos option, click on the downward arrow in this page, and expand the portlet called "Kudos". This page shows all the "Kudos" (or Praise) given / received by the current … Continue reading Stock Of “Kudos”

Beware Of Inactive Inboxes

We have a curious problem in our apartment, Not something which can be resolved by calling a plumber or electrician. There are 8 flats in this apartment and we have a small association of owners. We meet once in a while and discuss things such as maintenance fee, current issues, possible solutions etc., In paper, … Continue reading Beware Of Inactive Inboxes

Clarity In Communication

Saw a newspaper advertisement for a general insurance service, with the following text prominently displayed: No Claim Bonus Of course, people in the insurance industry / those who bought insurance / made claims earlier will immediately understand this as: If you don't make any claims in the policy period, you get a bonus However, assuming … Continue reading Clarity In Communication

Support Without Scripts

Currently reading a book called "Delivering Happiness". This is written by Tony Hsieh and it tells the story of Zappos.com, famous online shoe store which was acquired by Amazon sometime back. Even though this book is supposed to be a business history, it gives so many examples of how an exceptional customer service should be. … Continue reading Support Without Scripts

Law Of Non Resistance : How It Works?

Whenever we refuse to accept a situation, we actually put in more power to it and this makes it even harder to solve. The moment we decide to resist it, we direct negative energy to that object or situation and this makes the problem appear even bigger. We start losing hopes, feel dis-empowered and ultimately lose the … Continue reading Law Of Non Resistance : How It Works?

Finding Time For Yourself

Some simple tricks for finding time for yourself: 1. De-clutter your schedule Look at your timesheet for time wasters Analyze timesheet to find tasks you spend most of your time with least results/ satisfaction Try and be more efficient in selected activities Drop / reduce time for few activities which may not make serious sense … Continue reading Finding Time For Yourself

Making Best Use Of Time

Internal sessions have always been useful to me, especially when they are based on time management and agile methodologies. Last week, a session conducted in our office introduced two time-management techniques, GTD (Getting Things Done) and Pomodoro. (You can see the slides here) These practices, developed by David Allen and Francesco Cirillo, significantly talk about … Continue reading Making Best Use Of Time