Contact Center Technology Essentials

When you combine the convenience of modern-day telephony with the power of data – that is, computers, the internet and all the information you can from it – you get the power tool that every business should have. That's what Computer Telephony Integration is all about. This integration is your key to a better performing … Continue reading Contact Center Technology Essentials

Why do you need Enterprise Incubation?

In a digital era, CX is centric to buying influence, the experience that the customer expects is some magic to happen. By definition, there is a novelty in a startup product or service. For example, The search engine of Google or the connectivity of FaceBook or the visual impact of Instagram is to what is … Continue reading Why do you need Enterprise Incubation?

How can you leverage your email marketing capabilities with AI?

As a modern marketer, you’ve probably spent ample time and effort in determining the right content and promotions to offer in multi-channel campaigns, along with the right times and cadence. With all the channels available to the marketers for creating awareness of a new/existing product or offers related to the product, email marketing still stands … Continue reading How can you leverage your email marketing capabilities with AI?

3 key takeaways from Salesforce World Tour Sydney

Salesforce World Tour 2018 took Sydney by storm on March 6 at the International Convention Centre. The event was jam-packed with learnings, insights, product demos. This event attracted more than 11,000 attendees keen to see how customers, partners & trailblazers are leveraging their Salesforce Platform to create connected customer experiences, learn new skills, innovate at … Continue reading 3 key takeaways from Salesforce World Tour Sydney

Why you should visit the Salesforce World Tour Sydney

In a few weeks, the International Convention Center in Sydney will be home to the Salesforce World Tour. If you’re a customer of Salesforce, or just interested in the latest trends and technologies, the World Tour is the place to be. Salesforce events have always been viewed as one of the most innovative events. The … Continue reading Why you should visit the Salesforce World Tour Sydney

Legacy Vs Modern Service Desks

Customers have changed, products have changed, the way they interact with the products have changed, then why should the service desk be the same? It is time Legacy service desks move and give way to Modern Service Desk solutions. First Time Resolutions: Earlier, customers being able to connect to companies on their preferred channel itself … Continue reading Legacy Vs Modern Service Desks

Lead-to-Quote-to-Cash: Inefficiencies and Remedies

From the moment a lead lands in the CRM system, till it gets converted to dollars, there is an interesting (and sometimes long) cycle. Different players get involved, with different motivations, which have the potential to make it a very inefficient process. However, this can be addressed by understanding various inefficiencies that can come up, … Continue reading Lead-to-Quote-to-Cash: Inefficiencies and Remedies