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Quote Management – Quote Simple. Quote Smart

Quote Simple. Quote Smart

Shouldn’t Quote management be a part of the CRM solution itself? This is a classic question we hear from our customers very often. They are really puzzled when we tell them that an opportunity, to some extent, is the CRM’s final touch point. Once an opportunity is won, it is assumed that it gets converted to an order in another back-end system and then it is processed. But there’s something between these two, which is the quote process.

Agreed! Not all businesses use quotes, but at the same time a considerable number of businesses do use quote management and they wonder – between an opportunity and an order, shouldn’t there be a quote step? This is very important for them because this is one of the key sales tools that is being used very often.

You are in front of the customer, sitting across the table, discussing something and expressing interest in certain aspects and then the expression is converted into a soft interest by creating a quote. It then becomes a hard interest when you convert it into an order at a later point of time. But the soft interest phase is something which is very interesting. From the first point in which you create a quote with some indistinct details – with some numbers and dates and other parameters, it becomes a conversation starting point and later becomes a running document. As a result, multiple versions of it get created, prices change, the quantities change, the delivery dates change, the delivery locations change, the overall pricing changes, discounts, packs, shipping all these elements showing a variable characteristic will have a tendency to change. It’s as good as a real order but it’s basically a soft commitment. So, this is something which is quite common and most of the organizations solve this problem by implementing their own quote management solutions which are outside the CRM framework.

Typically, CRM talks to the quote management system, once the opportunity is ready to become a quote, a trigger is sent from the CRM to the quote management system with all the relevant details and the quote is generated. The quote process actually happens outside CRM.

Quote Management

But the trend is that people want to see what happened to a quote after it is created. It can’t be another system. People don’t want to jump windows and also, they want to have complete visibility about what is happening in a particular opportunity. Till a quote is accepted by the customer representative, the opportunity is not considered as closed. So they want to know what’s happening on the quote side, how many versions have been created, which ones are sent to the customer, when was it sent, was it sent as an email attachment or was it sent as a printed copy, what was the customer reaction, when did they see it, when they plan to complete it or close it. These are some details sales rep wants to see in their opportunity view itself and they end up achieving it in one of the two ways:

First one is, if the quote management solution the customer using is strong, then we integrate CRM with it. We bring quote into the CRM, we allow CRM to send data to the quote management system and so on. Else if the customer is not having a quote management system and having a system which is very outdated or sometimes the quote management system can even be heavy – heavy in the sense that they may be looking for a simple quote management solutions but they might have gone for a implementation whereby a really heavy weight quote management system is implemented and the sales people are really puzzled on how to use it and they end up not raising quotes in the required numbers.In such cases, they build small quote management functionality inside CRM. It is very simple and straight forward but at the same time, you have to understand the process very well.

How CRMIT can support you?
Accelerate Revenue through Quote ManagementWe have worked with a number of customers and have understood that the quoting process in general is having a fine thread which is common across companies and variations are added on top of it. So that’s where we thought we will create our own quote management solution which sits inside the CRM. It is not a heavy weight system that you need to host elsewhere and then integrate with CRM, switch to it whenever necessary. It is ‘within’ the CRM. So it uses CRM’s architecture, it uses CRM’s own objects, hence it is well connected, easy to access, quick to use as the information need not be pulled out from a third party system. So that’s one of the very key features which add value to the CRM flow by just adding a quote piece to it.

Mobile Quote – Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Another common trend that we are observing now is the mobile quote. When reps travel a lot, they carry their mobile devices, tablets and other portable devices and they want to create quotes when they are in front of the customer. Of course they may be connected or disconnected, but all the details that are required for creating a quote should be available to them so that they can create a quote, across the table and can show it to the customer. Once everything is done, the customer says ‘”yes, you send me the quote”, the rep just presses a button and the quote goes to the customer in the format they prefer. This can be improved further by integrating it to a digital signature system so that the customers can readily sign the document in the mobile device itself, or using their Email/ an online digital signature system. This means, system drives the call for action and makes sure that the sale is won.

In short, this is something which is really transforming. Basically, you are moving from your simple cataloging system to a system whereby you can showcase your products and quickly create a quote and then send it across to the customer. This basically completes the loop as far as the purpose of that meeting is concerned. Many of our customers are moving towards this important milestone. Mobile quoting is something that will really transform this industry and CRMIT is working towards bringing the best mobile quoting experience to CRM sales persons using a system which resides inside their CRM so that no learning and unlearning is required. They use the system exactly as they normally use the quote management system and get this important piece of work done within the system itself. We believe this will really provide huge value add to our customers and we are excited to work with variations of the same application and help our customers raise better, customized quotes and close the business quickly.

Inputs from
Naga Chokkanathan
Sr. Director – Innovations
CRMIT Solutions

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Telephony Integration  – A smarter way to make and receive calls inside Oracle CRM

CTI for Oracle CRMEnhance your customer interaction, service and satisfaction with CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration for Oracle CRM

Are you still manually dialing telephone numbers, looking up contacts and capturing telephone call information by hand? Moreover which sounds better? “Who is this?” or “Thank you for calling us Mark!” Clearly, the latter.

In business, every call you make and receive counts. Too much information is lost because it is not extracted effectively from phone calls and thus the sales people miss huge opportunities to get strong insights about who they are calling. So it is indeed very important equipping your sales reps and agents with the right resources –  tools and information to interact with your customers.

Your CRM is where data lives and the more data in the CRM the more insight and power you have as a business. So it makes sense that when your telephone rings, your CRM knows about it, who it is, who they spoke to, and how long they spoke. A perfect sync between your CRM and the phone system is just what you need so you can stop juggling and start managing your calls smartly from CRM.

Integrating Call/Contact Center Telephony Infrastructure with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software gives you tools to manage customer connections in real time. The advantages of this integration is robust  communication management include accurate information logging, reduced data loss, increased employee efficiency and speed and more.

Why CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration?

So what do you get being a CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration enabled organization?  Or maybe a better question is, “Why would I integrate my telephony system with Oracle CRM, and what is the end objective?”

The #1 reason why an organization implements Computer Telephony Integration within their CRM system is to reduce  costs, improve productivity levels and seamlessly manage customer interactions.  The idea is to create efficiencies within the system that allow the organization to maximize the time of a user spent helping the customer and to minimize the amount of time spent searching or entering data into the system.  How does Computer Telephony Integration do that?  To answer that question, let’s talk about the various benefits associated with Computer Telephony Integration and explain how they help your users:

Computer Telephony Integration with Oracle CRM

CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration enables you to optimise your investment in your Oracle CRM and Telephone infrastructure, providing a seamless telephony integration with Oracle CRM delivered in a cost effective and user friendly manner.

CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration framework offers a direct access to extended telephony functions that enable a comprehensive call center or contact center solution. Based on a Telephony Application Programming Interface CRM++ CTI Framework directly integrates various telephony solutions with Oracle Cloud Platform.

CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration framework provides unifying access to contact center functionalities including both Inbound (screen pop-up) and Click-to-Dial (outbound integration) functions. Inbound integration enables display relevant information about the caller (360° customer view) to the agent as they answer the phone – name, address, outstanding orders or cases. The Click-to-Dial (outbound call) feature helps one-click phone calling functions, capture the call notes, resolution type and call reasons with built-in Call Wrap Up feature.


  • Inbound and click-to-dial action call handling
  • Automatic call wrap-up
  • Caller ID & multiple call support
  • Customer interaction screen to record and track a series of ongoing customer activities
  • Support for multiple sites with different telephone systems
  • Support for both Voice Over IP (VOIP) and standard telephone systems
  • Customizable user preferences
  • Call history and missed call logging


  • Comprehensive CRM platform with unified screen-based telephony
  • Streamlined telephony activity within your business
  • Improved customer relationships, service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Increased telephone call efficiency
  • Manage Service Request life cycle, submission – follow-up – closure
  • Personalized telephone interaction – identifying callers automatically
  • Increased business productivity
  • Improved reporting & collaborative activity management

Thus CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration helps you increase first call resolution, decrease average handle time and reduces cost-per-call, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Available on Oracle Marketplace


CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration is also available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace helps which provides Oracle Cloud customers find the best applications to meet their needs through an easily searchable interface.

CRM++Computer Telephony Integration is listed along with the relevant details to help customers determine their value for their organizations, including user ratings and reviews.

Gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in your industry is never easy. Leverage  CTI technology to take a step in the right direction. Your agents, company and customers will benefit as a result.

About CRMIT Solutions

CRMIT Solutions is constantly focusing on two areas in product development – bringing unique , innovative CX/CRM cloud solutions to the market and continuing to expand out-of-box integration. As more and more businesses move towards an IP based telephony system, having tight integration between telephone systems and CRM is critical to improving productivity and a better end user experience.

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Build email, blast and manage responses from Oracle Sales Cloud


Sales representatives and sales managers can create sales campaigns for reaching out to contacts within their territories. Using sales campaigns, they invite contacts to an event or inform them about a product launch. Using a guided process, they can select recipients, use email templates, launch campaigns, monitor responses and take actions.

A great stride forward for Sales campaigns is breaking them off from Leads.

Screenshot below: Currently, to access Sales Campaigns you would go to leads.

Oracle Sales Cloud - Existing Version

Screenshot below: Future release, Sales Campaigns are separated from Leads and moved to top level.

Oracle Sales Cloud - Upcoming VersionSimilar to any primary object Sales Campaigns would have its own overview page with predefined lists

Campaigns ListWhen creating a Sales Campaign the first step is to select contacts. The best part of this step is an ability to build your own contact search criteria. The “Add” allows users to add any (Standard & Custom) fields created for a contact to search query. “Apply” would add the selected contacts as recipients to the Sales Campaign.

Now you could add 500 recipients to a Sales Campaign.

Contacts Screen

One of the future enhancements is to allow cross object segmentation e.g. Show me the contacts in a country where opportunity deal size is greater than 100K.

The second step is to select/design the email template. During this step Sales reps/Sales managers could select a email template, personalize the message and insert links for response actions (e.g. Request Call Back) by recipients. Users could also add a Subject and From address for the message.


The third and final step is wrap Up or Launch Campaign. During this step Sales rep/Sales manager could give a name and description to Sales Campaign, define actions (e.g. Receive email notification, Create a call back task) customer responses and define the campaign launch (e.g. Immediate, Later).

Wrap Up

While tracking the results of a Sales Campaign, user could use the summary page to monitor message delivery status, recipient responses (including list of contacts who chose that response and current response status) and take actions e.g. Convert to New Lead. A separate section is also provided to track the leads created from the campaign and their current status.

SummaryResponsesThese features are commonly available from Oracle Sales Cloud release 10.

About CRMIT Solutions:

CRMIT Solutions is a leader in transforming businesses with cloud based Customer Experience (CX) solutions on sales, service, marketing & social cloud.

oracle_specialized_sales_cloudCRMIT Solutions has achieved OPN Specialized status for Oracle Sales Cloud –Oracle Recognizes CRMIT Solutions for Expertise in Implementing Oracle Sales Cloud. CRMIT Solutions Offers A Host of Solutions on Oracle Sales Cloud, Including Consulting, Sales Planning, Social Sales, Customer Data Enrichment, Field Sales Automation, User Adoption, Training, Health Checks and Testing.

CRMIT Solutions deliver a Fixed Scope Implementation offering for Oracle Sales Cloud to fast track sales productivity. Fixed Scope Offering leverages Oracle best practices and agile approach for fast track implementation of Oracle Sales Cloud – Go Live in less than 4 weeks. It drives sales productivity through higher win rates, forecast accuracy, and lead conversion.

Consulting – CX/CRM Industry Solutions
CRMIT Solutions


Can Oracle Service Cloud cope up with the modern customer service needs?


Oracle RightNow Cloud Service

Customer Service is one of the areas that is rapidly changing and companies are thriving to cope up with the customer needs. Day by Day, every company is trying to setup a benchmark for their customer service but realizing after a moment that the expectation has already gone up – the best analogy is like how the government plans to improve the infrastructure to the best of its offerings to the citizen by adding additional roads but realizing by the time of completion that the traffic has already gone up and the entire road has just met the needs of citizens and can never be considered to be the best for citizens. Such every changing demand ultimately makes them to revisit, restrategize the entire way of handling the customer service.

When organization has to be so adaptive and quick for this rapidly changing needs, the investment that organization made on the support tools should not go waste – especially when the organization is partnered with the IT vendor like Oracle. Post Oracle’s Acquisition of RightNow, Oracle has taken the modularity of this product into different heights. Feature Set of the Oracle Service Cloud is consistently improved and added to meet the demands of the modern customer service and also ensuring to provide a high return on investment for the organization who has bought Oracle Service Cloud with confidence.

Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service

It is not the current feature set that is built to provide the confidence but also the promising futuristic vision of added fuctionalities and simplicity in implementation makes Oracle Service Cloud more reliable than ever. Being flag-shipped as the front runner to deliver great customer experience, Oracle Service Cloud positions itself beyond the support tool and being able to be rapidly implemented, customer support executives would only need little to no training to start serving the customer. If providing a great customer experience to the customers is one of the top priorities of the CXOs of Organization, Oracle Service Cloud is THE right tool to be partnered for a long term vision.

About CRMIT Solutions:

CRMIT Solutions is a leader in transforming businesses with cloud based Customer Experience (CX) solutions on sales, service, marketing & social cloud.

Specialized Partner for Oracle Service CloudCRMIT Solutions has achieves Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialization for Oracle Service Cloud – Oracle Recognizes CRMIT for Expertise in Implementing Innovative and Value-Added Solutions to Oracle Service Cloud for a unified cross-channel (web, social and contact centre) service solution that matter most in the customer’s journey.

Oracle Service Cloud SolutionsCRMIT is are committed to provide customers with the best service in the industry. Everything we do – every order, every delivery, every service, every offering – centers on the satisfaction of our customers, and making them more efficient at what they do.

Testimony to Customer Excellence

Inputs from

Suresh Ponniah
Principal Business Consultant –Industry CRM & CX Solutions.
CRMIT Solutions

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CRMIT Solutions Achieves Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialization for Oracle Service Cloud

OPN Specialized Partner for Oracle RightNowOracle Recognizes CRMIT Solutions for Expertise in Implementing Innovative and Value-Added Solutions to Oracle Service Cloud for a unified cross-channel (web, social and contact centre) service solution that matter most in the customer’s journey.

To achieve OPN Specialized status, Oracle partners are required to meet a stringent set of requirements that are based on the needs and priorities of the customer and partner community. By achieving a Specialized distinction, CRMIT Solutions has been recognized by Oracle for its experience in delivering services specifically around Oracle Service Cloud through competency development, business results and proven success.

In today’s competitive markets, successful businesses can successfully stand out by offering their customers good customer service combined with excellent accessibility. Oracle Service Cloud delivers exceptional customer experiences (CX) across the web, social networks and contact centers, via the cloud. Oracle Service Cloud gives clients the power to manage the three     channels that matter most in their customer’s journey.

Oracle Service Cloud


In conjunction with Oracle Service Cloud expertise, CRMIT Solutions delivers a suite of innovative, customized solutions and preconfigured functionality enabling clients to engage with their customers across channels. With Certified Oracle RightNow consultants, solution architects, implementation & support specialists, CRMIT offer an approved rapid deployment solution to deliver projects more quickly, cost effectively and with enduring knowledge transfer.

Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service

For customers to realize fast track implementation with minimal risk and maximum ROI, CRMIT offers Fixed Scope Offerings (FSO) to GO LIVE in less than 5 WEEKS which includes fast setup, configuration, testing and deployment of multiple Oracle Service Cloud modules.

Oracle Service Cloud Solutions

Follow our best practice guidelines and project plan, throughout the lifecycle of project for a successful RightNow CX Cloud Service release to accomplish your overall business objectives.

Vinod Reddy, CRMIT Solutions“We are very proud to have achieved OPN Specialization for Oracle Service Cloud. This accreditation is a testimony to our in-depth knowledge and expertise in Oracle Service Cloud, which has indeed supported our clients for a unified cross-channel service solution to help strengthen customer relationships, improve resolution rates and increase sales,” said Vinod Reddy, Founder and CEO, CRMIT Solutions.


Delivering workforce the most engaging, interactive information anytime, anywhere from a completely mobile perspective

Go Mobile with CRMIT Solutions' Mobile CRMThe mobile device and mobile apps are changing the customer experience and forcing organizations to rethink how users across all demographics access and activate content, services, commerce, and critical business applications.

It’s clear that organizations no longer consider mobility the last step toward implementing a business application. Instead, they see it as the first and most crucial step for developing and deploying a comprehensive and effective strategy to create experiences that strengthen relationships:  empower users and engage customers, drive sales and service channels.

Today, increasingly mobile workforce needs more than email and a calendar on their smartphone. They need the ability to access and analyze the same business data they use in the office, when they’re away from the office.

If you’re trying to address some of the major challenges like CRM user adoption, customer data, sales productivity and effectiveness, timely follow-ups of leads or improved lead conversion rates, or minimizing the cost associated with sales staff turnover, then you’ve got a reason to further explore how CRMIT Solutions’ Mobile CRM solution can support your objectives.

With CRMIT SolutionsMobile CRM  stay connected at the speed of business by keeping in touch with your customers from any location. Use every call, every chat, and every connection to successfully engage your customers and deliver a superior customer experience every time.

CRMIT Solutions’ Mobile CRM solution helps connects sales users with the people and information they need to be more productive and efficient. It brings customer data to your finger tips – works with any of the android hand held devices or tablet PCs. It lets you create, view, track and edit any of your CRM data such as contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, notes, tasks, appointments, quotes, orders, analytics and do much more with zero foot print.

With the consistent user interface, you can easily access key customer information using quick look ups or filtered searches ensuring you always have access to the most up to date customer information, while in the office or on the road. This translates to wider customer reach, less turnaround time for responding to customer queries and above all the flexibility to stay connected 24/7.

The Android Application Package (APK) lets you seamlessly download and install mCRM on your phone. And using the Synchronization feature available in mCRM, you can always have the data on your phone so that you keep track of all vital data, saving your valuable time and resources.

Industries like telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retails, manufacturing, financial services, consumer packaged goods, and restaurants can streamline their business with anytime access for their everywhere employees, empower sales force, improve decision making, increase speed and productivity, improve order accuracy, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce operating expenses by creating organization-wide knowledge available in the palm of your hand.

I believe that businesses have a unique opportunity to stand out by discovering that CRMIT SolutionsMobile CRM solution not only drives innovation but creates an ecosystem that can transform and excel customer and employee experiences .

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40 of the top 40 hi-tech companies run Oracle’s Powerful and Affordable Customer Experience (CX) Solutions

In an hi-tech industry in which product portfolios and customer environments grow more complex every day, delivering effective and differentiated customer service—without obtaining a larger budget for staffing and infrastructure—is easier said than done.

Oracle has significant domain expertise to understand hi-tech customers’ specific needs and address their challenges across segments like semiconductors, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), consumer electronics, high-tech distributors and software vendors.

Built around best-in-class CRM, commerce and industry solutions, Oracle provides powerful, affordable hi-tech industry specialized CX cloud solutions that have been proven to help high-tech institutions cut costs, while delivering consistent cross-channel customer support.

Oracle Cloud Solutions combines sales, marketing, web and social experiences with innovative features like embedded analytics, built-in social capabilities, and unparalleled usability. From aligning your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise and connecting every engagement of your customer, Oracle has the most complete integrated accelerated solutions and the world-class experience to achieve total Cloud freedom for mission critical customer experience delivery.

Oracle´s CX connects every engagement of your customer

Oracle´s CX connects every engagement of your customer

Oracle CX solutions address the complexity of the high-technology marketplace with superior analytics-driven marketing segmentation, online support, innovative marketing campaigns, rapid implementation for lowest TCO, cross-channel support  and real-time information for improving operational control, supply-chain and sales-channel visibility. High-tech organizations can deliver accurate and consistent answers across online, contact center and social channels—so they can boost service levels and their bottom line

Oracle is indeed a leader in hi-tech segment as 40 of the top 40 high-technology companies, 8 of the top 10 electronic manufacturing services companies, 14 of the top 25 high-technology distributors, 8 of the top 10 semiconductor companies and 30 of the top 30 electronic OEMs run Oracle applications and technology,

Robustness, reliability, precision, cost efficiency and excellent customer experience are important parameters for Hi Tech industries and Oracle accelerated cloud solutions for hi-tech industry help to achieve these.

Join the many successful high technology companies that drive growth by relying on Oracle solutions. To explore more about Oracle Customer Successes stories and white papers click

About CRMIT Solutions
CRMIT Solutions is a pioneer in delivering software as a service-based customer experience (CX) consulting and solutions. With more than 200+ certified customer relationship management (CRM) consultants and more than 175+ successful CRM deployments globally, CRMIT Solutions offers a range of CRM++ applications for accelerated deployments including various rapid implementation and migration utilities for Oracle® Sales Cloud (including Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management, and Oracle Eloqua solutions), Oracle® Social Cloud, and Oracle® RightNow Cloud Service. For more information about CRMIT Solutions, visit:

Deepti Sharma
Marcom, CRMIT Solutions