Webinar: Creating meaningful Customer Experience with Unified CX Solutions

FREE WEBINAR: Creating Meaningful Customer Experience                   Tuesday, October 22, 2013 − 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM MDT One of the key elements of any CRM plan is integration, the unification of all your company's data sources and silo systems to create a single, holistic view of each customer.. Whether they are, business organization or … Continue reading Webinar: Creating meaningful Customer Experience with Unified CX Solutions

IRCTC (www.irctc.co.in) and Customer (Citizen) Experience

It is written several times by several people on pathetic performance of Indian Railways online ticket booking site http://www.irctc.co.in. Still nothing stops me in writing this blog post as I believe there is lot more can be done by Government to make the basic facility of online ticket booking experience better. The fundamental issue to … Continue reading IRCTC (www.irctc.co.in) and Customer (Citizen) Experience

Client On-boarding and Customer Experience

Anyone who has gone through the process of setting up a B2B (Business to Business) Account with a Bank would swear by the poor experience they are met with due to highly inefficient and ineffective client On-boarding process that they are subjected to. Banks these days have to realize this to ensure they make the … Continue reading Client On-boarding and Customer Experience

Guest Post : Story of a Wrong Swipe

Ever since we have got an iPhone at home, My son Akhil has been very comfortable with it. He uses it with such commendable ease, and seems to know how to get things done with that phone, though he does not exactly know what he is doing. According to Akhil, it is not a "Smart … Continue reading Guest Post : Story of a Wrong Swipe