Can Remote Device Monitoring benefit Field Service organizations?

How to deliver a knock-your-socks-off customer experience (CX) during Field Service? Does Customer Service experience ensure winning your customers for rather longer tenure than anticipated? In a non-creepy style, of course. Today's field service management apps are not only limited to resource tracking. Location is great to know, but it's just the beginning of what … Continue reading Can Remote Device Monitoring benefit Field Service organizations?

One Slice Marketing

Our neighborhood photo studio seems to be crowded always. Even in this age of digital photography. I went there for some lamination work; while I was waiting, two young people walked in. One of them wanted a passport size photo for some job application. ‘Sure sir’, the studio staff showed a sheet on the wall, ‘Which … Continue reading One Slice Marketing

mCRM @ Mid Day

Our CRM++ application mCRM (for Android) is covered in a special article in "Mid Day" Newspaper from India. You can read the article in this link : Android users, you can  download our "mCRM Lite" Free application from this URL (Or simply search for "mCRM" in the Market Application from your Mobile Phone) : … Continue reading mCRM @ Mid Day