Dreamforce 21 – Day 1 Takeaways

“Welcome Back to Dreamforce!” Post COVID, this does feel like a huge achievement! The most incredible and exciting aspect of being in a Salesforce Ecosystem is learning from the greater community. That belongingness, those success stories of trailblazers, the MVP after parties, and watching it LIVE are clearly what keeps the excitement intact. As Marc … Continue reading Dreamforce 21 – Day 1 Takeaways

Return To Work – The New Normal

We all are, amid the biggest crisis of our lifetime. These are the times which no one predicted, thought of, or had the slightest hint in their wildest dream. COVID-19 has changed the world forever. The health and drug industry are already focusing on this catastrophic fallout more than ever and you would wonder, apart … Continue reading Return To Work – The New Normal

5 Keynotes To Look Up To At Dreamforce’ 19

  Over the past few years, Salesforce partners have been witnessing a revolutionary change in the Salesforce ecosystem and also getting an opportunity to utilize, thrive and grow alongside with Salesforce. Dreamforce has been a major contributor to this ecosystem. Dreamforce 2019 is an annual four day event that brings together the entire Salesforce community. … Continue reading 5 Keynotes To Look Up To At Dreamforce’ 19